Z Rancho La Puerta Mexico Vegan Tours

Rancho La Puerta, Baja California, Mexico.

Once upon a time, veggie vacationers were left to fend for themselves in a sea of omnivorous package tours, cruises catering to carnivores, and clueless concierges who couldn’t begin to point in the direction of the nearest veg-friendly dining establishment. Foreign travel? Ooohhh la la! This used to require a PhD in Pantomime to keep beastly bits off dinner plates, and even then, there were no guarantees that a meal would arrive cruelty-free. Thankfully, those days are a world away.

Vegetarian or Vegan travel has finally come into its own. Here bellow we have compiled ten great travel destinations for vegetarians/vegans that enjoy the outdoors and having fun. From invigorating hike up a sacred mountain, relax for a spell at a luxurious spa, or swim with the kids in the sparkling Caribbean Sea and let the warmth of the sun melt your worries away.

1) Naturally Morocco Culinary Tours (Morocco) 
Mysterious Morocco. Be seduced by labyrinthine medinas, ochre-walled kasbahs, steamy hammams, storytellers, snake charmers and medicine men in this beautiful country rich in mystique.

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Bicycle Beano Biking Tours

2) Country House Montali Hotel (Italy)
Set on a hilltop surrounded by an olive grove and dense forest, Montali has become known as the perfect place to recover from whirlwind sightseeing in Rome and to eat well, too.

3) Bicycle Beano Biking Tours (England & Wales) 
Bicycle Beano specializes in excursions that allow cyclists to explore the idyllic landscape of England and Wales and enjoy delicious home-cooked vegetarian cuisine without missing a stroke.

4) Rancho La Puerta Spa (Mexico)
It’s a Rancho La Puerta requirement that guests stay a full week. “Our founders believed that it takes a week to create a change. Volunteers get to marvel at the —or a miracle,” says general manager Roberto Arjona.

5) Earthwatch Institute (Kenya)
Sight of elephant, cheetah, impala, warthog, buffalo, lesser kudu, baboons, and verve monkeys… But it’s Kenya’s lions that are the star attraction.

6) Wanderbird Cruises (Maine)
Consummate co-captains Rick and Karen Miles specialize in vegetarian eco-tourism cruises that seamlessly blend a relaxing getaway with interactive education about the intriguing natural history of aquatic life.

7) Maho Bay Camps (US Virgin Islands)
Created by ecotourism pioneer Stanley Selengut, who wanted to “provide intimacy with the great outdoors in one of the world’s most beautiful settings, with comfort and convenience, at low cost,” the Maho Bay Camps have served as a model for global education.

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival

8) Phuket Vegetarian Festival (Thailand) 
Phuket Vegetarian Festival is not the kind of festival populated by gentle tree huggers in hemp pants playing djembes, doing yoga asanas and drinking spirulina smoothies. And it’s not for the faint of heart. But it is a colorful event every vegetarian will want to attend, though perhaps not something every vegetarian will wish to participate in.

9) Kalani Oceanside Retreat (Hawaii)
Situated on 19 acres of the Big Island of Hawaii’s southeast coast, the non-profit retreat Kalani has been called a “New Age” resort. Its openness, and the fact that it’s partly gay-owned and operated, has made it a popular destination for gay and lesbian travelers.

10) Raw World Festival (Costa Rica)
The tropical paradise of Montezuma on Costa Rica’s remote Nicoya Peninsula is the awe-inspiring setting for the Raw World International Festival.

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