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Adriano Daka Fotos da Cidade 223It is true that industrialization, modernity and globalization have brought to our daily lives a series of facilities and technologies capable of streamlining our functions at work and at home. However, as a disadvantage, we live in an era when we lack the key to enjoy a peaceful life: quality time. A “little escape”, for a day or a weekend, to a quiet place and with who you identify, fits well for this relaxation and reconnection with yourself.

Below, we listed ten village-beaches in Brazil that include a small number of inhabitants and do not let time, industrial processes, and even architectural modernization, get there. It is worth remembering that most of these places do not offer much infrastructure and categorized hotels. That to say, might not be a good option for the most demanding and adept at convenience or luxury.

Guarita Beach (Torres, Rio Grande do Sul)

Postcard of Torres, the beach is a perfect summary of the region’s charms, combining coves and cliffs. Although protected by the Middle and South towers, the sea is rough and of transparent waters. On the sands, however, the atmosphere is calm and inviting for a peaceful walk. It has parts with preserved native forest, being a beautiful backdrop for nature lovers and enthusiasts on venturing out.

Icaraí de Amontada Beach (Amontada, Ceará)

Located 220km from Fortaleza, the beach has a good variety of ideal inns for those seeking tranquility. The place also houses a fishing village and the village of Caetanos. If you are looking for a destination with strong winds, crystal clear waters, dunes, coconut trees and almost no cell phone signal to give a complete break from a busy life, this is the perfect place for you!

Villa in Trindade (Paraty, Rio de Janeiro)

Trindade is a fishing village that in the 70s was a hippie stronghold, but still preserves the “flower power” way. For those who love beautiful and deserted beaches, trails, and especially, forgetting about cars and doing it all on foot accompanied by a guide, this is the place. But it has a good variety of hostels, inns and campsites with landscapes of rustic style, which invites everyone to spend time with this incredible view.

Praia do Rosa (Imbituba, Santa Catarina)

Small, rustic and super charming, Praia do Rosa is among the most beautiful bays in Brazil. Crystal clear sea, good waves and exuberant nature added to several mountains in the region, where you can venture out on trails and waterfalls, go horseback riding or just enjoy the cold winter. This is the ideal choice for adventurers, couples or even a whole family who want to escape the fuss of a big city, chaotic traffic and daily noise pollution.

Trancoso (Porto Seguro, Bahia)

trancosoFounded by Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century, it was a privilege of its few inhabitants until it was discovered by hippies in the 1970s. Although the village has grown, the essence of Trancoso, as well as its main attributes, remains the same. Nowadays, the place is loved by hippies, hipsters and also “vips”, since, behind the bucolic scene, sophistication has also arrived there. Beautiful beaches that invite tourists to go barefoot, rustic scenery, peace, but, if you prefer, also busy nights in some parts of the village. The calm continues in the air, but now it is mixed with the small-town style.

Carneiros Beach (Tamandaré, Pernambuco)

Carneiros is not extensive, but it concentrates almost all the attributes of a postcard-worthy beach: coconut palms shading the clear sand, green-transparent sea and natural pools full of colorful fish. To complete the scene, there is an 18th-century church well known in the region, which was built right in front of the sea. Enjoying a boat trip is on the list of things to do there, in addition to enjoying a unique sunset and getting away from the hustle and bustle.

Vila São Miguel do Gostoso (Rio Grande do Norte)

Ideal for those eager to relax, the fishing village is 100 km from Natal, the capital of RN. With a rustic landscape, stunning beauty and very cozy, the place reaches the eyes of those who have the desire to mix tranquility with beautiful scenery. It has about 10,000 inhabitants, beautiful and peaceful beaches, dirt streets, a single church, a cruise and a century-old tamarind tree that marks the center of the city. Simplicity and peace are flawless to a fault.

Vila de São Jorge (Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás)

Created in 1961, the village has backdrops of rare beauty and unique plant formations. There, you will be able to see one of the oldest geological formations on the planet, rocks over a billion years old, in addition to the Cerrado ecological reserve, with stunning waterfalls, canyons, crystal mines and amazing flora and fauna. The place has become a mystical destination for backpackers, artists, adventurers, hippies and intellectuals. It doesn’t matter the tribe, because the environment provides a peaceful and harmonious coexistence between people from all corners of the world.

Vila de Santo Amaro (Maranhão)

The village is an alternative entrance to the famous Lençóis Maranhenses, and is located in the dunes, sheltering beautiful low explored lagoons. Gaivota, one of the largest in the region, with turquoise water and surrounded by piles of fine sand, whose depth reaches 2.5 meters, and the invitation to bathe is irresistible. A bit further on, a series of lagoons, known as Emendadas, is a wonder. And there is also Betânia lagoon, explored on a walk that takes all day. Dunes aside, the village is simple and peace is guaranteed.

São Miguel dos Milagres (Alagoas)

gugugugu 1A place that seems to have stopped in time for the preservation of nature. A light blue sea, clear, calm and shallow, but so shallow that when the tide is low that you can walk long distances and still have the water on your knee, to say the most. At São Miguel dos Milagres, the ceiling of human interference in the landscape are some traps for catching fish and boats from local fishermen, besides simple houses. The region that surrounds the beach is very quiet and has some shops, but nothing that turns the place into a point sought by tourists from nearby, and there is peace. You feel like if you were in a paradise in this place that is hardly visited on a large scale, except in December, around the holidays.


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