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Acording to an annual study by OAG, a UK consultancy, Brazil has twelve of the most ponctual airports in the world (2018). Brazilian terminals ranked among the highlights of the report by appearing in the top 20 of several categories (defined according to annual passenger capacity).

Among the smallest airports, those offering 2.5 million to 5 million seats in flights per year, three Brazilian terminals were among the top 20: Curitiba (4th place), Fortaleza (8th) and Salvador (13th).

The ranking for medium-sized terminals (5 to 10 million flight seats per year) is where Brazil achieved the best result, with six airports among the nine most punctual on the planet. The list includes the terminals of Viracopos in Campinas(3rd), Recife (4th), Santos Dumont in Rio (5th), Belo Horizonte (6th), Galeão in Rio(8th) and Porto Alegre (9th).

As for large airports (10 to 20 million flight seats per year), Brazil is represented by two terminals with Brasília (3rd) and Congonhas in Sao Paulo (6th). In the 20 to 30 million annual seat category, the Guarulhos terminal in São Paulo, Brazil’s only at that level, ranked 10th in the list, consolidating its position as the only South America airport of this size in the top 20 of its category.

The report investigated punctuality (flights that departed or arrived within 30 mins of schedule are taken as on-time) of airports and airlines worldwide in the past year in terms of region and size. Moreover, it also revealed the on-time arrival performances of major airline alliances and the most on-time air routes.

Below are some findings of the report:


Guarulhos (SP) ranked 10th, consolidating its position as the only South America airport of this size in the top 20

  • 10 most punctual large airports (departure performance): Itami Airport, New Chitose Airport, Honolulu Airport, Haneda Airport, Portland Airport, Pulkovo Airport, Brasilia Airport, Tocumen Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Osaka Airport.
  • 10 most punctual medium-sized airports (departure performance):Kaohsiung Airport, Sendai Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Mohammed V Airport, Kona Airport, Tenerife North Airport, Nagoya Airport, Kagoshima Airport, Kahului Airport, Minsk Airport.
  • 10 most punctual major airlines (arrival performance):Japan Airlines, Qatar Airways, All Nippon Airways, Emirates Airlines, Aeroflot Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Alitalia Airlines, Air New Zealand, Korean Air.
  • 10 most punctual medium-sized airlines (arrival performance):Copa Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, TAM Airlines, Etihad Airways, Volaris, UTair, Bangkok Airways, Avianca Brazil, Royal Air Maroc.
  • The most punctual airline alliances:Oneworld, Sky Team, Star Alliance.
  • The most punctual air route:New Chitose – Haneda.

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