By Lindenberg Junior


Luana Elliot, Carnaval Queen 2015

The Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval “Cultural” born in 2004 just two years after the first issue of Soul Brasil magazine starts its circulation through different spots/location in California. The “Carnaval Festival” started having in mind the dissemination of the Brazilian Culture in Santa Barbara and Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles and is a series of event during the months of February and/or March. In 2015, the SB Brazilian Carnaval founder Soul Brasil magazine publisher, Lindenberg Junior, have team up with master capoeirista Mariano Silva to produce the main event on Saturday, March 14th.

The annual event usually brings more than just music and dance and through the years have offered to the public in general lectures and film screenings at the Santa Barbara public central library (for free), dance and capoeira workshops (by donation) and culinary experiences. The Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnaval “Cultural” presents every year a series of 2, 3 or sometimes 4 events that begin in February or March and end with the “Bloco Carnival” in June, inside the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade.

The series this year starts Sat, March 14th during the afternoon with the “Feijoada Sabor Carnaval” and the Open House at the Brazil Arts Café. From 11.30am to 5.30pm the atmosphere will be colorful and tasteful! The employees will wear green, yellow or blue (the colors of Brazilian flag) while the Feijoada, the most traditional of the Brazilian dishes and the caipirinha (the most famous Brazilian cocktail) will be available with a special taste! From 1pm to 4pm there will be open classes for Capoeira, Samba, Hip Hop and even Kick-Boxing *call 805-6375355 for details. From 4.00pm to 5.30pm, live music and dance performances. During this afternoon, a travel specialist in Brazil will be answering questions about Brazil and free printed marketing material will be available. Bring the whole family for fun, photos and good memories! The Brazil Arts Café is located at 1230 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.


Reggaeton stars Cesar & Thiago

Same day, at night, the Carnaval atmosphere moves to the Santa Barbara Arts Foundry located at 120 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 for the “Carnaval Bowl” (doors open at 7.30pm) featuring the Brazilian Reggaetón stars Cesar & Thiago, the Afro-Brazilian band Prakantar & Master Mariano Silva, Capoeira Show, Feather Samba Dancers, Salsa Dancers and the introduction of the new Santa Barbara Carnaval Queen 2015, the carioca and personal trainer Luana Elliot. Feijoada e Caipirinha also will be available.

The series end in June with the “Bloco Carnaval” inside the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade, Saturday, June 20th – the biggest outdoor event in the central coast of California. The Bloco Carnaval will be leader by master capoeirista and singer Mariano Silva, featuring capoeiristas, drummers, feather samba dancers and the new Santa Barbara Carnaval Queen 2015 Luana Elliot. 


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