testeMany of the tech giants that are successful today started out relatively small such as Facebook and others. If you have interesting in start a business, why not in the technology business? At least this types of business is trending and in high demand. Here we have copiled 25 ideas for these types of business and that you can start small.

1) Smartphone Repair or Acessory Manufacturing – With so many consumers owning smartphones, there’s a definite need for repair services. You can start a business where you have people bring in or send you their devices so you can fix various issues. You can also manufacture different accessories to go with smartphones, like charging cords, speakers and lenses.

2) Refurbished Device Sales – Manufacturing actual computers and smartphones can be a larger scale operation. But you can still have a business where you sell those devices by refurbishing older models with new and improved parts.

3) Social Networking Site – There are a few big name social networking platforms already. But you never know when the next major one might emerge. Big shot here!

4) Digital and Social Marketing Consulting – You can focus generally on online marketing for business clients, helping them with everything from advertising to social to content marketing (OMG… actually we offer this type of services and we hope you not choose this one).

5) Online Advertising Platform – Online advertising is another high tech area of online marketing. You can create your own platform where you connect businesses looking to advertise online with website owners who want to earn ad revenue.

6) Online Dating Site – This types of websites or apps is very trending and is also a big shot! You can earn a revenue from, create a dating platform that helps connect people with similar interests. Be creative and not try the same “game”.

7) Web Design Service – You can use your tech savvy, along with design skills, to design and develop websites for businesses and other clients. It is still worth!

8) App Development Service or Mobile App Sales – Mobile apps are also becoming increasingly important for businesses. You can work with clients who want to have their own apps on a freelance basis. Or you could develop your own mobile apps instead of working with clients. Then you can make money by charging for the apps or offering in-app purchases.

shutterstock 397204759 29) Info Tech Shop – If you’re interested in starting a sort of retail business, you could open up a one-stop-shop where people can purchase tech items or bring in their gadgets for repairs.

10) IT Equipment Service and/or Sales – You could also work with businesses by offering to repair or maintain various types of IT equipment like servers. Or you could actually sell that equipment to businesses and others who need it.

11) Internet Cafe – Yes, cafes are becoming more popular for freelancers and others looking for a com-fortable place to use wifi. You can set up a small coffee shop or coworking space where you offer internet access and other tech amenities.

12) Online School – If you’re looking for ways to spread knowledge on a particular topic, you could set up a website or online education platform where you offer course material directly to students.

13) E-Library or Online Book Stores – You can set up a site or platform where people can access or rent various digital educational materials like PDFs and ebooks or you could actually sell ebooks on your own website, either your own titles or ebooks that you license from other authors.

14) Digital Product Sales – You can sell other digital products online, like printables, access to member-ship sites or even online videos.

15) Ecommerce Platform – To help other entrepreneurs make a living online, you can create a platform where sellers can upload products to list for sales.

16) Shopping App – You could create a mobile shopping platform that lets customers browse products and shop right from their smartphones.

17) Tech Blog or Tech Podcast – If you’re interested in writing about technology you can start your own blog about the subject and make money through ads or sponsored content. Similarly, you could start a podcast where you talk about the new gadgets or innovations, etc.

18) Livestreaming Influencer – Livestreaming has become a popular way for people to communicate online. You can build up a following on platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope, then earn an income as an influencer. Or you could even start your very own livestreaming service that other people can use to share their thoughts and connect with followers.

19) Music Streaming Service – An audio platform idea. You could develop a site or app that people can use to stream a specific type of music, especially if it’s not available on the most popular streaming services. Similarly, you could start a video content streaming service for a particular type of video content, like holiday films or educational content.

20) Tech Gadget Rentals – If you have the ability to purchase tech gadgets that people might want to rent for specific situations, like projectors for presentations or cameras for photo shoots, you could start a business where you let customers rent those items.

21) Tech Consultant – If you want to provide general tech advice to business clients, you could start a consulting business where you help them make decisions about new device purchases and software implementation.

Joasdu Remote IT Service22) Remote IT Service and/or Computer Setup Service – You could start a business from your home where you provide insights and answer questions for people having IT issues. Or to help individuals who don’t want to go through the lengthy computer setup process on their own, you could charge a small fee to handle that task for them.

23) Online Research Service – This one is easy and very trending. If you’re skilled with online researching tools, you could use your expertise to perform research for businesses and clients that need specific insights.

24) Live Chat Service or Chatbot Creator -–Live chat is becoming more prevalent for businesses and website owners that need a way to communicate with customers in real time. So you could offer a plugin or platform to offer to those entities. Or you could also build a chatbot that uses AI to communicate with people and then offer it to business clients.

25) 3D Printing or Robotics Manufacturing – 3D printing is another major tech trend. If you can design small parts or other products that can be 3D printed, you can start a small manufacturing operation. If you want to get even more indepth with your manufactured offerings, you could create parts that go together to create robotics products.

Good luck.

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