pexels samer daboul 2233729Beware of Barbecue Meats

Making a BBQ is a mania among Brazilians, Americans, Argentineans, etc, especially during summertime, but bewares as barbecued meats may cause cancer. The danger lie in the way the meat cooks over a flame. When juices cook in meat, heterocyclic amines (Has) form. The hotter the flame and the more charred the meat, the more HAs form. Also, when drippings hit the heat source, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) form, rise with the smoke and are deposited on the food. A good alternative: next time, microwave the meat for 1 minute; drain the juices, than barbecue it. If not microwave is available, try to place the meats initially in a low fire or far around the hottest spot.

Lower Blood Sugar

Recent research shows that drink apple cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar. It is so good for your system that you should try to get some down. How? First thing in the morning splash some into a glass of water and drink up. The vitamins, pectin, and potassium all work together to give your many benefits. So don’t turn your nose up at this oftoverlooked miracle from nature.

Remedies for Bad Breath 800x510Avoid Bed Breath

Talking about “Apples”, you can use this “Adam & Eve” favorites to escape from the terrible bed breath. Apples are proved to be a very efficient natural remedy for those with this kind of problem. Of course, clean your tongue with a tongue scraper every day (or a plastic teaspoon with the bowl pointing down) or chewing gun to promote saliva flow is very helpful.

Food for Ageless Beauty

According to studies published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, skin can absorb up to 60 percent of what we apply to it. So, feeding skin high-quality ingredients may be as critical as the food we eat. It’s common knowledge that drinking water is essential for overall health and radiant skin. But, make sure you add this highly recommended foods to your daily routine (or sometimes at least!): Avocados, Cucumber, Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Dark Leaf Greens, Cruciferous Vegetables, Omega Oils, Green Tea and yes…Red Wine (one glass only!).

Cycling & Sex

Male bicyclists who ride up to 100 miles a week may become impotent repeated thrusting down on the foot pedals pounds the groin against the seat, damaging critical arteries and nerves. Initial symptoms: Numbness in the buttocks and difficulty getting an erection for a day or two. Trap: Damage may be irreversible and may not be apparent for years. Self-defense Padded bike seat and shorts…rise off the seat occasionally, especially when sprinting… ride a correctly sized bike – you should not have to shift your body on the down stroke.

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