rice 2840397 960 720Mostly dictionaries defines abundance as ample quantity, profusion, affluence, wealth, relative degree of plentifulness, etc. But going behind this definition, having abundance is to, first and foremost, be happy and content with all areas of your life, including your finances. Next is to have peace… to not live in fear, worry, doubt, regret, sadness, and of course, to never feel lack to always have enough money, time, and energy for all of your needs to be met.

Abundance is not just about having a lot of money; although, money can be one part of it – In fact, abundance is the least about money. It’s not about having a big house or fancy cars, or a lavish lifestyle either. Although, once again, those things can all be a part of your abundant life. The point is, the amount of money you want in your bank account, or the number of material possessions and emotional experiences you can afford varies greatly from person to person, depending on what their current definition of wealth and/or abundance is.

Unleashing the Flow

Make small changes to allow the flow of abundance to come into your life unhindered, without interfering with, or restraining the natural flow in any way. So, if you were to think of abundance itself as a vast, endless ocean, you could then think of a river connecting directly to that ocean, and the flow of that river would represent the abundance that’s flowing into your life.

And, this metaphorical river is flowing inward, towards you. In other words, abundance is always flowing in your direction. But, there’s a problem. You see, the effortlessness with which the river flows abundance into your life depends on how many blockages or obstacles exist in that river. The blockages/obstacles could be in the form of huge rocks and boulders scattered along the river, fallen trees or logs/branches, and any other debris (tires, bottles, etc) that somehow ended up in that river – I’m sure you can use your imagination.

So, think of the current state of abundance in your life as that river. Some rivers are cleaner or dirtier than others, obviously. The point is, if you are not feeling and experiencing effortless abundance in your life right now, it simply means that your river (which is still connected directly to the entire ocean of endless abundance, and is still flowing inward) simply has some obstacles and blockages that are slowing down (or stopping) the abundance from reaching you.

The Abundance Consciousness

The abundance consciousness doesn’t have much to do with your mindset. Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with your mind at all. Consciousness goes much deeper than the mind, emotions, or even ego. It arises from your core, and it ripples through your entire being. So, true abundance can only be experienced right now. Not in the future. True abundance does not depend on getting something or someone in order to exist. It’s always there. You’re either connecting with it or you’re not.

The very moment that you finally internalize this consciousness, a major shift happens – in everything that you have, know and are. A major blockage gets removed from your river of abundance when you finally embody the concept – the truth – which you don’t need anything in order to feel abundance. And you certainly don’t need to wait for the future to feel abundant. It’s a radical transformation that can change your whole life.

As far as blockages are concerned, this is it. By removing the biggest one you can increase the inward flow of abundance into your river in a major way and many of the other smaller blockages can get pushed out simply from the increased flow of the river. In other words, many of the other blockages can get removed effortlessly, without any effort on your part.

Becoming Aware

Awareness is always the first step. And, with awareness alone, the shift can begin to happen inside you. Because contrary for what most of us believe, awareness does not come from the mind. It certainly does not come from your emotions, and, most definitely not from your ego. And, as soon as someone becomes aware of these ideas and concepts that I share here, she/he can already start to “wake up”. Awareness is the beginning of the awakening process. And, it can already start to align you more with the natural flow of abundance. And so, that’s the first “effortless” action. You may already be aware of this.

Making the Internal Shift

clock-1461689_960_720You can start with the little things, and continue to expand the energy by bringing in more and more of this new consciousness into your interaction with people, things, and situations. It takes a little practice at first, especially since most of us have been conditioned to do things very differently, for so many years.

The next time that you see something that you like, maybe in the window of your favorite store, your first reaction may be to think, “OMG, I want that!” or “I wish I had that” or “I really wish I could afford that…” And, that’s okay… that’s your conditioned response which has been replaying in your head for many years. But, now that you’re aware of what true abundance and the abundance consciousness really is, you can catch yourself during that automatic reaction of “wanting”… and instead realize that you don’t have to “own” it in order to feel, or at least acknowledge, its existence.

There is already an abundance (of mansions, cars, cell phone, or whatever it is) out there. Many people have it, and many more of those things are being made. The fact that you don’t “own” one right now doesn’t mean that an abundance of it doesn’t exist out there. This desire we have to “own” everything isn’t really our own either! That too is borrowed! We weren’t born with it. We simply stumbled upon the idea somewhere along the way, and learned to make it our own.

Some years back, Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, was asked why he didn’t own a boat, like all the other super wealthy folks did. His response was, “Why? What for?” He then added that if he bought a boat, he would then have to maintain it or even learn how to operate it. And it was just too much work. He then said some of the most brilliant words, which were, “I have friends who have boats”. And, if he wants to ride in a boat, he’ll just borrow from one of them or ride with one of them. So, wanting to “own” everything, or anything, is just our frail ego’s way of feeling better about itself, and about life. It has nothing to do with true abundance.

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