By Lindenberg Junior

A GRINGO WITH GINGA AND ZIRIGUIDUM carlos santanaAfter 45 year of playing music (2018), more specifically playing Latin and Brazilian music, there has been an amazing growth, both in popularity and interest to participate for Chalo Eduardo. His personal journey started back in 1971 playing congas in bands and at the parks of San Francisco. He grew up in the Mission District face up with top percussion artists and dancers. At the time the music population leaned more toward Latin that was reborn with a new name “Salsa”.

Chalo says “Looking back if was somewhat of a Renaissance of a multicultural exchange. Carlos Santana was from the neighbor so, you can imagine the fire and the passion we had playing our music”.

It was becoming evident that a new music consciousness was developing different then in New York, Cuba or Brazil. A melding of culture was happening Samba met Congolese drumming, salsa, world beat or world percussion, and the passion for Brazil and is music took hold of Chalo in 1979 when a friend’s group started the San Francisco Carnaval – which still continues going strong during Memorial Day weekend all this years.

By 1983 Chalo co-founded “Escola Nova de Samba” and began the samba school teaching both percussion and dance.  Chalo says “our moto was Samba is for everyone. I wanted to perpetuate the Brazilian culture through music and dance with a professional approach and get best results from all the student and professional whether being Brazilian by heart or by birth”.

maxresdefault 1As the art of paying samba is serious and fun at the same time, Mr. Eduardo has studied your craft with respect and learns by watching and listening to others. “There were no DVD’s, Internet or books, only vinyl records, bootleg cassette tape and what you picked up off the street. It was kind of like not knowing about sex and learning as you go, you could get miss information but you kept want more”.

By the time, Chalo made his first (of many) trips to Rio de Janeiro in 1984. He felt like he was going home and finally understood the meaning of “Muita Saudade” (I miss this or that). He came back with so much fire it cloud last a lifetime. With the help of great musicians in the Bay Area and all the members of the Escola Nova, Chalo grew the “bateria” to eighty members which created a bridge to the sister city, Rio de Janeiro.

Following the facts, he received an amazing call from Sergio Mendes to join his band. Sergio was part of Chalo’s musical influences and the invitation an honor. The journey continued with Remo Drums invitation in 1998 for he became a researcher development and product manager for one of the biggest drum manufacturer of U.S.

Through the years Chalo Eduardo has created teaching materials that enable anyone to easily learn bow to play Brazilian percussion instruments making it fun and educational. Set in motion these key fundamentals of rhythm in international workshops and seminars as well as throughout the United States in schools through University levels. Without doubt a gringo (or latino) with a heart that beats in samba rhythm. A personality of Latin music in the United States who definitely knew how to incorporate his knowledge about Brazilian music.

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