By Deborah Hall | Translation: Wesley Meneses

pexels thunyarat klaiklang 1803516Our bodies utilize an enormous amount of water in order to maintain our temperature, hydrate our skin and maintain the organs in working order. And its no doubt hot weather increases the consumption of liquids, therefore the intake of liquids should be doubled during sun exposed or while doing any physical activity.

The consumption of coconut water has both nutritive and therapeutic properties, making it the healthiest natural water. Besides having a good taste its a powerful hydrant and rich in minerals. It contains chemical elements necessary in the electrolytic body equilibrium.

Below are some examples:

The Potassium is responsible for the function of muscles, including the pericardial (the muscle surrounding the heart). One cup of coconut water (60 ml), contains more potassium than six bananas. The Sodium, which is fundamental in exchanging gases in the blood, works as a regulator in circulation and together with Selenium, an antioxidant, delays aging of the cells. Chlorate of magnesium, works to lubricant the joints and articulations. Calcium, is fundamental for healthy bones; and Phosphorus facilitates the communication of the neural nerves which helps maintain a good memory. Lets not forget to mention the digestive enzymes found in the coconut water.

Beneficial to the stomach and intestines, it restore the intestinal flora that can deplete with diarrhea and dehydration. In severe cases of dehydration, works just fine as a “natural intervenes fluid” and may be utilized without contraindications for adults and children over 24 months old.

drinkcocoIt is suggested for the elderly and convalescents, that coconut water should be consumed in generous doses, since it will acts as a replacement of mineral acids. Also, can be used as homeopathic remedy for sun burns, either as an ointment or lotion it can be applied directly over the skin, working as a refresher and regenerator on damaged skin.

All the benefits of coconut water can be found in this natural drink which is free from preservatives, dyes and other cancerous agents. Therefore, lets take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature and raise a toast to our organs with this healthy “água de coco”.


* Deborah Lemes has a master’s degree in Anthropology and Chinese Medicine. She is Brazilian and lives in Los Angeles, California.  

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