Event Dorian Wood Photo by Pedro AnguilaREDCAT, CalArt’s downtown center for the contemporary arts, a venue attach at the Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles, is presenting the US premiere of Xavela Lux Aeterna, the newest work by Los Angeles based artist Dorian Wood, November 22-23, 2019 at 8:30 p.m.

Coinciding with the centenary of Chavela Vargas, the unforgettable voice of La Llorona, Dorian Wood honors Chavela with Xavela Lux Aeterna, a riveting personal tribute with songs made popular by Chavela, original compositions and folk music from Costa Rica.

Accompanied by an exquisite string quartet, under the direction of artist Alberto Montero, with String quartet (violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello) Xavi Muñoz: synth, bass, and backing vocal, and Marcos Junquera: percussion. The show is both a tribute and a dialogue between two creative souls passing through one body. For Wood, the road to Chavela has been both a Holy Grail and a journey of self-reflection.

Between the similarities of both artists, there is another journey: an exploration that puts in its trajectory the nakedness of the soul, the renunciation of homeland and the plea to a world that bears on its hands the blood of the marginalization of human beings. Wood’s distinctly powerful voice explores Chavela’s “whys” with great respect and reverence, and they invite the audience to join them in this exploration.

Dorian Wood said “We are both queer. We are both of Costa Rican blood. We were both born on April 17. She is of resplendent soul and a voice filled with fury, pain and ardor. To those of us who have been pushed aside by society, Chavela is a divine presence. I feel an intense connection to this great artist, beginning with the common aspects we both possess and culminating with the greatest defiance, which is to live as one desires, with scars and kisses and everything.

Chavela had her great loves and deep sorrows.” Dorian was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, to Costa Rican parents. They seek to glorify both the sanctity and the irreverence of intimacy.  Alberto Montero, began his musical journey in 2000 with the group Shake with whom he recorded his first album “Let Me Wear the Morning Sun” (Greyhead, 2005).

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