By Lindenberg Junior | Translation by Anthony Mendiola

BLACK OIL 65Combining a furious Hardcore/Crossover sound with elements of Metalcore and regional rhythms of Brazil, the American band Black Oil releases its second CD in early 2011 in Los Angeles. Three years after the success of their first compact disk, “Join the Revolution”, and after appearances in major festivals on the US rock scene including the Milwaukee Metal Fest and Los Angeles Arka Fest, as well as tours to Brazil (2008 and 2009) and Mexico (2009 and 2010), comes the release of their second CD.

This time, chock full of aggressive political content with an eye toward environmental consciousness. Logan Mader, veteran producer of such groups as SoulFly, Devil Driver and Calavera Conspiracy among others, produces the new CD.

Featured tracks include “Let the Amazon Breath”, a song of protest against the increasing de-forestation in the Amazon rainforest that has lyrical content in both English and Portuguese. On the song “Samba”, the listener can feel the beat of Brazilian percussion and the cut, “Terrorization” which became the video clip highlight for the band. In fact, the band is prepared to “donate” the song “Let the Amazon Breath” for use by a selected non-profit organization that has serious ties with combating de-forestation in the Amazon.

Black Oil, lead by Brazilian guitarist Adassi S. Adassi & American vocalist Mike Black made its debut in February of 2007 at the famous Whiskey-A-Go-Go on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, a venue known for quality acts and where the likes of Guns N Roses, Van Halen & The Doors among other legends of Rock N Roll played before achieving international fame. The current version of the band reflects the recent additions of Mexican-American bassist Jessie Sanchez and American drummer Alfred Jasso. For the exclusive production of the new CD, the band had a special participation from a samba and Brazilian percussion specialist, Brazilian Rodney de Assis.

wpid Photo 30092013 2211The musical inspiration of Black Oil is derived from years of experience, both cultural and musical, of Brazilian guitarist and Black Oil founder, Addasi S Addasi. Before coming to the USA in 2000, Addasi was a “gypsy” who traveled through 30 countries in search of new cultural experiences, discovering different styles and musical riffs along the way. As frontman, Mike Black posseses a commanding voice and a strongly defiant sound influenced by vocalists like Ansalmo and Cavalera.

In November 2010 in partnership with media outlets in Brazil, the band Black Oil began the promotion of their return to Brazil with the distribution of special kits to Brazilian fans. The band has lined-up an upcoming South American tour with stops in Chile and Brazil in mid-March and April, and in 2011 in Europe. The new CD and the new experience of the band has all the potential to mark a new era in metal music!

*The Black Oil Band has been in several countries around the world and the band leader and founder is a Brazilian musician who lives in Orange County, California.

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