By Simone Arrojo

ganpati ge45657c4a 1920 1The laws of the Universe teach us several things about prosperity in all aspects of our lives. When we are sick, we are not being prosperous health wise. When we don’t have money, we are financially ill. And if we don’t have love, where is our emotional prosperity?

Our Wheel of Life is made of many components, and if one is out of balance, it means it needs special attention. The key to prosperity, in all aspects of our lives, lies in the balance between knowing how to be thankful and knowing how to ask. When we have plenty of love, money, etc., countless times we catch ourselves asking for more, and more. It’s not wrong to want better lives or be the best. It is wrong, indeed, not to acknowledge and value what we already have.

How many times have we appreciated someone or something, as father, mother, boy/girlfriend, dog, house, when there no longer in our lives? We are used to seeing children of financially wealthy parents become completely lost, emotionally out of control, or not appreciating anything they have. They were not taught to be grateful and are constantly longing for the unknown.These people are anxious for prosperity in affection or spiritual. The worst aspect of this is that people see these cases as bad examples, and, as a consequence, we often hear people saying, “Money does not bring happiness.” As if poverty brought happiness and having money were a sin.

Money, if used with proper care, makes a number of things possible: we can take better care of our bodies with a variety of selected food, we can travel, buy books, attend workshops, and help people who still need this basic resource. Prosperity, in any aspect, can help us expand our souls. When we are professionally prosperous, we are expanding our souls by using all of our creative potential, our reasoning, etc. However, if this professional prosperity is taking something away from our emotional life, then we probably need to put our priorities in balance.

I want to emphasize the importance of thinking about these basic and vital concepts that may modify our lives. I’d like you to consider that if any part of your body, or emotions hurts, including financial pain, it’s because there is an imbalance. When we just ask and ask, and don’t recognize our accomplishments, we are out of balance.

However its opposite is also as damaging. When we are grateful, we feel that we shouldn’t want something 1034447 340 We are happy with what we have. People with these characteristics are considered to be “fake humble”, or who are insecure and fear to be who they really are.Because, in reality, they are passive people, insecure about their own potential to dare to be different, and to embark on the happiness of having the best and as much as necessary for the expansion of their souls. These are people that rather think that everything is okay, than attempt to change anything.

Human beings need movement. If the body stops, it gets rusty. If the mind stops, life vanishes. And what about the spirit? Our cosmic energy never stops, and it’s actually what is responsible for attracting all events we need to experience in life, in order to evolve. That’s why it’s not worth trying to escape from learning our lessons, because our essence will bring them back until we finally learn them. Therefore, show appreciation for what you’ve already accomplished emotionally, financially or professionally.

Be grateful for each experience in your life, even if, at first, it seems to be a problem. It may seem weird to be thankful for an illness, but if it has happened, it’s certainly for a reason. And the reason is the lesson that needs to be learned going through it. If you are not grateful, you don’t accept it, and if you don’t accept it, you don’t treat it, and above all, you don’t learn what you need. In these cases, life gives you many opportunities to learn the same lesson. Do understand that when we don’t have something it’s because we haven’t treasured that thing enough in the past or in the present. Therefore, express gratitude for this crisis, and recognize that prosperity happens when we equally know how to be thankful and how to ask.

* Simone Arrojo is a therapist, metaphysical advisor, and the host of “Virando a Página”, a program with over 20 years on the air in the Rádio Mundial in São Paulo, Brazil – 

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