By Carol Mendes | Translation by Ann Fain

 Image Brazil Pernanbuco Fernado de Noronha 3Generally, travel to Brazil is associated with the need to soak up the sun on beautiful paradise beaches, but, this tropical country has many more riches to explore. For those who are adventurous and have strong connections with certain destinations in Brazil, there are some incredible alternatives for adventure tourism. For those who seek something different than they’ve seen before, but not quite so daring, Brazil has some equally exciting options for you as well.

For the adventurous, a good place to start is to exchange your sightseeing camera for a helmet, oars, and a vest! After you’re fully equipped, head out for a day of river rafting. You’ll make new memories as you float down some of Brazil’s most beautiful rivers. River rafting in the country has grown considerably and some of the most popular destinations are Itacaré (Salvador, Bahia), Domingos Martins (Espírito Santo), Carolina (Maranhão) and São Luís do Paraitinga (São Paulo).

For those of you who are more courageous and want to climb to new heights (literally), you can either go paragliding, hang gliding or parachuting. Admire the natural beauty of the city of Rio de Janeiro in a whole new way! You can paraglide or hang glide over the city and get a completely different view of Topsail Rock, the mount of Two Brothers, Corcovado, and the world’s biggest urban forest, Tijuca. If you want to be even more daring, you can parachute (with an experienced professional) from a plane at an altitude of about 12 thousand feet in a 200 km/h free fall, and get a full aerial view of the beaches and mountains that surround this amazing city. The jumps are not exclusive to Rio, they are also a common sight in Boituva, São Paulo.Image Brazil Near by the City of Rio de Janeiro

Leaving the air and heading for the water, diving is also a great adventure! You’ll get to see some beautiful seas and rivers and even some of Brazil’s shipwrecks. The Porto de Galinhas and the Archipelago of Fernando De Noronha (Pernambuco), the Arquipélago de Abrolhos and Arraial d’ Ajuda (Bahia), Mararosa (Goiás), Cabo Frio, Búzios and Angra dos Reis (Rio De Janeiro) and Arvoredo (Santa Catarina) are some of the amazing destinations to visit for those who desire to tame Brazilian waters.

Not all of the adventure tourism in Brazil is of the radical sport kind. For those who are looking for a different kind of adventure, there are many destinations available that are not offered by travel agencies. Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia and Bonito, an ecotourism delight, located in South Mato Grosso are two great options and have innumerable hiking trails, caves, and waterfalls that provide a more mellow adventure, while still offering different yet amazing sights of Brazil. These destinations are good for the soul and the spirit and provide a cultural experience that relaxes all who visit them.

chapada 2332850 960 720In the Chapada Diamantina National Park, among the trails are the Smoke waterfall, the Magic Well, the grottos of the Lapão and Lapa Candy, the Mount of Father Inácio where you can see the sun flaring, and the cave of Torrinha, which is one of the largest quartzite caves in the world and boasts helictites up to 60cm long. For an eco-tourism adventure, visit Bonito to see the Grotto of the Blue Lake, the Mysterious Lagoon, the Grotto of São Miguel, and the Natural Aquarium – Baía Bonita – no one should leave without visiting them!

Get your luggage ready and embark on a trip to Brazil that will amaze you with its beautiful landscapes, warm your heart with its hospital people, and provide you with lifetime memories of adventure and magic.

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