amazonas 295891 960 720One of the many natural peculiarities of Brazil is the confluence of the Solimões River and the Negro River, a meeting of waters after which the Amazon river is called by its own name until it reaches its mouth. And it is precisely there at that crossroads, in the city of Manaus (Amazonas State), that Iberostar has placed one of the crown jewels of its Grand Collection group: the Grand Hotel-Ship Amazon.

It is an entirely “all inclusive” Super Luxury floating hotel only for persons over 10 years of age, where you can journey deep into nature’s remotest places to experience a totally different kind of adventure. Cabin-Suites, individual private balconies, full baths, personalized service, a convention room, local cuisine, activities, excursions, all aboard for splendor! 

  • Environment and Itineraries at the Grand Amazon 

The company offers the Grand Amazon’s clients three itinerarie, the Río Negro (4 nights), the Solimões (3 nights) or a combination of both (seven nights).

  • Solimões River – Amazon Tour / 3 nights 

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This itinerary includes the following activities: Trekking or a visit to a local village; a motorboat journey to do some bird-watching around the Igarapés or piranha fishing; alligator watching; conferences and social activities on board; music and dance in the Lua (moon) discotheque; rainforest walks; photo safaris on the motorboat; a farewell dinner with the captain; a local folklore show; a Sunrise Lovers’ breakfast watching the “meeting of the waters,” and a breakfast buffet at the Kuarup restaurant.

  • Negro River – Amazon Tour / 4 nights

Travel on foot or by boat through the Jaraqui region; conferences looking out onto the Amazon river; photo safari by motorboat to the Anavilhanas islands, caiman watching, a visit to see the pink dolphins at Novo Airão, evening entertainment with the expedition team, music and dance in the Lua (moon) discotheque, a bird-watching trip, a visit to an indigenous village, a boat trip to the Ariaú River region, a farewell dinner with the captain, a local folklore show, a Sunrise Lovers’ breakfast watching the “meeting of the waters,” and a breakfast buffet at Kuarup restaurant.

  • Combined Itinerary / Amazon Tour/ Negro and Solimões / 7 nights

This is the perfect combination of the two tour routes, starting and finishing at the river port of Manaus.


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