On October  30 of 2007, the AIM TV Group announced that the Brazilian impact on the United States and American Latino culture will be celebrated on the nationally syndicated show, American Latino TV on the weekend of 11/17-11/18. The show which is seen weekly in over 100 cities across the U.S., Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, is dedicating an entire episode to celebrating the widespread and growing, U.S. Brazilian Culture. The special episode was taped on location at the Annual New York Brazilian Day Festival in New York City that year – the city’s largest outdoor festival, where over one million attendees in midtown Manhattan gather to celebrate Brazilian culture, music, and heritage.

Though Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, the culture is often misunderstood and ignored because of the country’s Portuguese heritage and language. Mainstream and Spanish-language media outlets often ignore Brazilians despite the fact that in the U.S., Brazilians have rapidly spread to all parts of the country, particularly the Northeast (especially New York, New Jersey, and Boston), in Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando) and West Coast (San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco).

Continuing their groundbreaking work, the show producers take an in-depth look at Brazilian culture and ask Brazilians if they consider themselves Latino while highlighting the many entertaining aspects of the unique culture. They travel to Phoenix, Arizona to cover the Brazilian Martial art known as Capoeira, which greatly influenced the uniquely American art form of Break Dancing. In San Francisco, California, to highlight a well-known Samba instructor. Other elements covered include Brazilian Hip Hop artists Alfa Omega and recommended websites; including www.soulbrasil.com, where people can get their fix of Brazilian events across the nation.

“We’ve always prided ourselves in covering elements of Latino culture, either stereotyped or ignored by both the mainstream and Spanish language media. This special episode on Brazilian culture fulfills our mission to show the true diversity of Latino culture. This is not the first time we’ve highlighted Brazilians in our shows, but it is the first time we’ve dedicated an entire episode to the culture”, said Renzo Devia, Supervising Producer of the show and President of AIM TV’s Maximas Productions.

“A lot of people living in the United States have much interest in Brazilian culture and for good reason: Brazilians have a natural lust for life that is magnetic and I think the Latino American TV producers want more people to experience this warm, fun, unique and beautiful culture”, said Soul Brasil magazine editor, Lindenberg Junior.

The show is a nationally syndicated program that celebrates American Latino pride. The weekly, half-hour show strives to inform and entertain U.S.-born Latinos in the United States. Episodes feature interviews with Latin celebrities and stories about culture, fashion, barrios and everyday American Latinos doing extraordinary and inspirational things –www.americanlatino.tv

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