jaiuttal2 730x400 1The spiritual music artist announced the release of his new single, “Psalm”, a modern revisioning of the ancient 23rd Psalm of King David. The song is available in all online audio formats and on YouTube. Jai will perform “Psalm” at a special Valentine’s Day Concert at Berkeley’s well-loved Freight & Salvage with the Pagan Love Choir. This concert will be a unique opportunity to hear Jai’s music arranged for a heavenly rainbow of five exquisite voices.

All veterans of Jai’s many-faceted performances, these four exquisite Bay Area vocalists, Sandy Cressman, Prajna Vieira, Lakshmi Devi, and Sandy Griffith, plus noted NorCal producer Ben Leinbach on bass, and acclaimed trombonist Jeff Cressman, will share their transcendent vocal visions of Jai’s songs and bring the ‘music of the spheres’ to this historic venue.

Jai will be acoustic and ‘unplugged,’ creating an intimate and mystical environment in which to share his songs and his soul. This completely new experience promises to be a treat for the ears and the heart. Tickets for the show are $15-$30 and, along with a great live video of Jai’s new single, “Psalm”, is available here.

Part of the Bhakti Yoga path of spiritual devotion, Kirtan has grown along with the explosive growth of the physical aspects of yoga that now has 36 million American practitioners. To share his lifelong journey in this yogic path, Jai has hosted his Kirtan Camps since 2003. Brazilian yoga teacher Nubia Teixeira will be joined as guest teacher his next Kirtan Camp. For more info go here.

Many of today’s leading Kirtan artists are alums of Jai’s Kirtan Camp, including Kirtan rapper MC Yogi, Santa Monica Kirtan luminaries Govinda Das & Radha, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band of New Orleans, San Francisco’s own Janet Stone and Stephanie Snyder, and so many others.

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