By Magali Da Silva

Image Travel Hotels and Insurance

Some hotel rates are deeply discounted, especially if you buy it online, but in most cases, it is nonrefundable. It usually is offered by internet retailers such as Expedia and Travelocity or the Hotel websites. Without travel insurance, you might have to forfeit your advance payment if you cancel. Travel insurance allows you to cancel for such reasons as illness, injury, bad weather and canceled flights.

Regarding booking flights, as I have mentioned on a few occasions before, sometimes you can find a good deal online, but if you need to cancel or postpone a flight for some reason, you have almost no customer service and have to pay high fees to reschedule your flight.

If you travel with kids and particularly, if you are those types that think convenience and peace of mind – before, during and after your trip, is worth it, trust in your travel agent. The good one, is the professional that never give you the final airfare rate right way on the phone, instead, is the one that keeps searching to get the best deal possible for you while providing the expected customer service. If any problem happens, they are right there to assist you.

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