By Nelson Tanuma

girl 1245835 1280We live today in an extremely competitive world, in which people desperately and at all costs seek to accumulate material goods, have a perfect body, have more time, have status and power and, thus, we live within a context of stressful, narcissistic, and insatiable life. We often forget that, despite the fleeting nature of life, what comes first is being, then doing, and then having it.

If you seek to be a better professional and human being and have been carrying out your work with love and dedication, the positive financial result will be inevitable and a mere consequence of your thoughts and attitudes.

I once heard a definition of status that I kept in mind because I found it interesting and hilarious, which is why I transcribe it below: “status is buying what you don’t need, with the money you don’t have to show to those you don’t like what you are not ”. I think there is great truth in that sentence. As the person matures, he tends to be less concerned with the search for status and starts to look more for his self-realization. However, there are people who cannot get rid of the so-called “Peter Pan Syndrome”; which are those who, despite their age, refuse to mature.

It is important to be healthy, and it is not worth losing health to accumulate wealth so that in the near future you will have to spend your entire fortune trying to recover lost health; and while this is an absolute lack of intelligence, many people today do this.

Life is a beautiful trip and it is more important to enjoy the trip well than worrying about the final destination.

It is essential to invest in your personal and professional structure, having an objective in mind, and then taking action. The important thing is not just the goal itself, but what the goal does to us, how it affects us and affects our emotions. This is what gives us the motivation to wake up happy in the morning and makes us feel grateful for another day of life and willing to face new challenges.being more having

Have big dreams, set goals. If you have a direction, it makes sense to organize your schedule. The important thing is not what happens to us, but the meaning we give to what happens in our lives. Know that failure does not exist, what exists are results that we consider satisfactory or not. It is important for us to be learning every moment within our organization or our own business. If we are not learning and growing, it is because it is time to change.

We all know that changing is not easy. It is so difficult to change that research shows that the human being is less afraid of death than of change. The change makes us uncomfortable and fearful precisely because it takes us out of the so-called comfort zone. It is necessary to renew each day. Medicine teaches us that, physically, we are no longer the same person we were seven years ago since in that time all the cells in our body have been renewed. We need to realize that everything has changed and will change.

It takes creativity and courage to change, grow, and develop each day. To be crazy is to always do the same thing, in the same way, and to want to get a different result, however daily we observe insanity to command the paralyzing routine in the lives of many people. One must be open to change; it is necessary to unblock and vent the flow of life. Seek meaning in your life and the direction to follow will become clearer and more visible to you. If you have a goal, a great dream, everything starts to make sense to you, and you start to love yourself more and more.

Manage your time well, because time is an irreplaceable asset, if you don’t take care of your life, surely someone will take care of you. The daily life of all people is very similar, what makes the difference are the small details. It is quite true that habit makes the monk. Take care, because time doesn’t stop, it doesn’t come back, money is something very important when used well, however, know that no money will be able to make us recover lost and misused time. Have more fun, but also love and forgive more, yourself and others. And use your money and time wisely!

* Nelson Tanuma is the director of the VITA business education company in São Paulo, Brazil. He has a postgraduate degree in human potential development –

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