pexels aline cardoso 2876407The dollar rise inhibits Brazilians from traveling abroad and makes the country more competitive in the international market. On September 14, 2015 the dollar reaches R$3,85 reais (a similar situation also occurs in 2019 where the dollar’s price is similar to the quota of 2015.). The fact could be an excuse for Brazilians travel and have their vacations inside Brazil while the favorable exchange rate for the foreigner traveler can be an incentive for visit Brazil.

The dollar exchange rate rising might impact the resorts results in the country just in the second half of 2015. During the first six months of the year, the companies in the sector fell by 0.6% in the occupancy rate of rooms and 9.1% in the average daily price, according to a research from the University Center Senac, commissioned by Resorts Brasil (industry association).

The most recent data shows that in June, 2015, the occupation has already risen 7.3% and the risen in occupation should be continues through the following months until the end of the year and the summer season in Brazil. However, the rates in June had the worst performance of the year. They totaled approximately US$123,3, representing a decline of 25.2%. In the same month of 2014, the average was approximately US$173,8.

The low occupancy in hotels and resorts in Brazil should bring benefits to the traveler in general as the corporate market in the sector tend to strongly negotiate rates to incentive this segment grows through promotions in different ways. Better deals for travel to Brazil through different airlines that serves Brazil from the United States is a fact thanks to the current exchange rates. Some airlines are offering deals never seen before in the last 15 years.

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