By Livia Caroline Neves | Translation: Raquel Urey

love 1751071 960 720The first kiss ever was the Creator’s vital blow, with his Love, through the divine breath, the sublime kiss created our souls and our life (Gn.2:7). In Sumerian (old part of Mesopotamia, actual Asia) people used to send kisses to the sky, addressed to the gods. In ancient times, the maternal kiss from mother to the child was very common.

In the Greek and Roman society, kissing was normal between all members of their families, close friends and the warriors after a combat, sometimes with an erotic connotation. Actually Greeks loved to kiss. However the Romans were the ones who spread its popularity. The late language has three distinct words to explain the kiss: osculum (kiss on the face), basium (kiss on the lips), and saevium (kiss with tenderness)

According to Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and the theory of the evolution of the species, the origin of caress is much older. It was a sophistication of bites exchanged by monkeys in some pre-sexual rituals. Also there is a theory about the evolution of the licks which the pre-historical men used to kiss their friends on the face to make up their need for salt in the organism. And still, the kiss was an act of love from the mothers in the cave age. Without utensils to cut their food, the women used to chew the food before putting in the baby’s mouth. In the medieval times, was a way to make agreements; as example, the men with the mouth shut, kissed with firmness, as a light touch demonstrated treason.

Some say it is related to the stages of psychological evolution. Freud used to call the “oral stage” the period that lasts through the baby’s first year, when the baby is breast feed. At this time all the sensations of gratification are associated to the mouth. The child learns how to touch an object with their lips providing a pleasant and delightful experience. Kissing, the adults try to revive the enjoyable experience of the first childhood. A kiss on the lips reproduces the act of breast feeding, mobilizing the taste, sense of smell and the movements of suction.

Theory or thesis, if it is true… we do not know. But one this is for sure: a good kiss is the first step of any type of relationship. The kiss is the union of the lips of two lovers, is the beginning and the end, the farewell of love. The kiss is the mirror of the soul that truly reflects the affection we dedicate to someone. Sometimes the farewell kiss is unforgettable because it leaves behind the taste of others lips on ours lips. The kiss is the unspoken word, but experienced by the lips and blessed by the tears. The heart lights on fire, the body heats, and the blood pressure increases. Kissing is an extra ingredient that benefits the total pleasure. Stolen, desired, expected, conquested, passionate…people 2594745 1280

Some people guarantees that women never forget their first one, and that men never forget the last one. Could it be? The truth is nobody remains indifferent to a kiss. Twenty four thousand is the minimum number of kisses exchanged in our life times. Beyond pleasure, the kiss brings a series of physical and emotional benefits. The kiss embraces the five senses, turns on twenty-nine muscles, provokes a pressure of six pounds of a face towards another face, and accelerates the cardiac rhythm of sixty to one hundred and fifty beats per minute. The blood pump increases the oxygenation of the cells. Stimulate the circulatory functions, decrease insomnia and headaches.

Kissing produces a strong unloading of adrenaline and strengthens the lungs. Each tongue kiss exchange two hundred fifty bacteria including the saliva, the body burn twelve calories and increase the hormonal production. The level of serotonin, chemical substance who gives the sensation of euphoria and relaxation, increases.

Better than think about the benefits of kissing, is the act of kissing. So my best advice is kiss, kiss a lot. Kiss in the lips helps to liberate repressed feelings, reduce the complex of rejection and release stress. And the best of all, it happens in a matter of few moments.

Types and meanings of certain kisses:fox 807315 1920

  • Kiss on the hand….I adore you;
  • Kiss on the cheek…I only want to be your friend;
  • Kiss on the neck…I want you;
  • Kiss on the lips… I love you;
  • Kiss on the ears…I’m just playing a game;
  • Sequim kiss…the couple rub their noses simultaneously, from the left to the right;
  • French kiss…the lovers sealed the lips and make a circular movement with the tongue…also known as tongue kiss;
  • Chinese kiss…also known as “noise kiss“. The lips and nose are sealed in the partner’s cheek, smell the perfume and kiss very loud;
  • Friend kiss… also known as “mouth shut kiss“, is the simple act of lips together, no sound, no tongue.

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