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* Translation by Roberta Baptista

001 When I first heard the term “Blow Dry Bar”, I have to confess that a little confusion came to my mind, especially being a man, I wasn’t sure of what it meant. The term, however, is related to a new concept of beauty salon that originated in New York around 2007 with the “Nails Bar” trend.

Blow Dry Bar is a new kind of hair salon with particularities and innovated ideas. The ambiance is relaxing, where one can go to have fun, a glass of champagne (or natural fruit juice), get a quick hair fix from a specific menu, and leave beautiful to any kind of event. California quickly adopted this brand of service- customized and fast.

The city of Los Angeles was the pioneer on the new concept, adding the laid back Brazilian way and its authentic menu, the path is nonetheless, but successful. The intention was to offer clients a happy or, one might say, party environment with non chemical products and a tropical menu. Odete Pashaie first opened, in August (2012), her “Brasilian Blow Dry Bar” in one of the most recognizable cities in Los Angeles County, West Hollywood.

The new “Blow Dry” salon, with a calm and bright ambiance offers five kinds of hair styles – Ipanema (Straight &Easy), Sugar Loaf (Straight, Voluminess Body), Carnaval (Fun Bouncy Curls), Amazon (Wild and Messy Curls) and Copacabana (Wavy & Loose). Exclusive Brazilian products, organic chocolate conditioner, natural coconut water rinse, and a variety of fashionable hair buns, are some of the highlights of this charming new place.

002 Being a daughter of a diplomat, and having traveled more than thirty countries, Odete, born in Brasilia (Capital of Brazil), added her inspiration, wide world view, and drive to create a place with a Brazilian soul that would welcome a variety of costumers. “Brazil is in style at the moment and our Brasilian Blow Dry Bar offers more than just a hair style… It’s a place to hang out in a positive atmosphere. And better, where you don’t have to empty your wallet to leave beautiful and happy”, says Odete.

Brasilian Blow Dry Bar is already the new “it” place in Los Angeles and among Odete’s customers are some Hollywood celebrities. The good surprise is the fact that one of the most attractive traits of Brasilian Blow Dry Bar is definitely the price. A complete “Blow Dry” hair style costs only thirty five dollars including shampooing. For those who are in a rush and appreciate fast and quality service, this is the place to come. You will leave not only beautiful, but, fabulous in a mere 30 minutes.

Brasilian Blow Dry Bar is located at 8969 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069 –

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