brazil 1537069 960 720 e1701213416197Brazil is, above all, a country with one of the most diversified cultures in the world! In reality, it is much more than a country. It’s the discovery of a new world! The country, which since its earliest days has combined native Indians, Portuguese and Africans, nowadays assembles striking numbers of descendants of Italians, Japanese, Spanish, Arabs, Germans, Polish, Chinese, Jews and people from all neighboring Latin American countries.

Brazilians understand Spanish, just about, but Spanish-speakers won’t understand Portuguese. More importantly, though, Brazilians look different. They are one of the most ethnically diverse peoples in the world: In the extreme south, German and Italian immigration has left distinctive European features; São Paulo has the world’s largest Japanese community outside Japan; there’s a large black population concentrated in Rio, Salvador, Recife and São Luis; while the Indian influence is most visible in the people from of Amazonia and the Northeastern interior.

And, naturally, this diversity is reflected in the wide variety of foods, from north to south — all the way from exotic flavors of typical regional foods and tuneful of fruits you’ve never heard before, to very international seasonings, and in countless typical and religious festivals.

In this exceptionally-blessed country, people love to celebrate and mostly ofthem don’t know what means “stress”. It’s fair to say that nowhere in the world do people know how to enjoy themselves more. This national hedonism manifests itself in Brazil highly developed Beach Culture;

copacabana 186637 960 720 e1701213503905The country’s superb music and dancing; and in the most relaxed and tolerant attitude to sexuality — gay or straight — that you’ll find anywhere in South America. And if you needed more reason to visit, there’s a strength and variety of popular culture, and a genuine friendliness and humor in the people that is tremendously welcoming and infectious. Brazil is vast. Vast and Beautiful!

What is more, its people are hospitable. It is a melting pot of many races, beliefs and cultures. All living in perfect harmony. A trip to Brazil brings happy memories. And leave good friends behind.

You will find a richly musical and tuneful people, represented by the Bossa Nova of “The Girl From Ipanema” to the rhythmic African beats. Brazil is a country which has many flavors and many pleasures, always renewed. In reality, it is much more than a country. It’s the discovery of a new world.

The North

peaceful 783715 960 720Meet the Amazon, where the green is unbelievable greener! If you are looking for an ecologic adventure, the North of Brazil offers the Amazon region, the world largest biological reserve with unequaled natural resources, and one-third of planet’s living species. The rivers of the Amazon Basin, in which a fifth part of world fresh water flows, are “roads” for adventure folks and “locals”. Nowadays, 10% of the travelers who move around the world are looking for doors to open their way to this new balsam, a kind of earthly lineament against the excesses of a breathless civilization.

The Northeast

Where you better knows the Brazil’s origins, where the country offers its most generous demonstration of popular culture, and where Nature is luxuriant.

brazil 1894748 960 720 e1701213457959Here you will find a continuous summer climate and the continent’s most beautiful beaches, like the fascinating Jericoacoara in Ceara state, Porto de Galinhas and Fernando de Noronha Archipelago in Pernambuco, Pipa in Rio Grande do Norte, Itacaré and Porto Seguro in Bahia (the state with strong African influences).

The delightful swing of the typical “Forró”, “Frevo”, “Maracatu” and “Axé”, as well, the best of the Brazilian Carnival in the cities of Salvador (Bahia) and Olinda (Pernambuco). The tiled architectural style of 17th and 18th centuries, in the cities of San Luis and Alcantara in the Maranhão state, and at Pedra Furada National Park, in Raimundo Nonato County, Piaui, you will find cave paintings which date back to the first evidences of man’s presence on the American continent.

The Midwest

You will find the stark contrast of the newborn and the timeless. On the one hand, Brasilia, the nation’s Capital, with its bold architectural style – so “avant guard” that is the only 20th Century architectural complex which UNESCO considered to be a Universal Asset of the Whole of Mankind. On the other hand, the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, a virtual ecological sanctuary, preserves Nature in its primitive state with its unique ecosystem, where the visitor,’ housed in Lodges, can go on hikes with trained guides, and safely observe alligators, rheas, parrots, deer, capybaras and countless birds, which chose the Pantanal as one of the Planet’s most important stopovers on their migratory routes. Also, the mineral springs at Caldas Novas, in Goias, present medicinal properties in the reinvigorating 98F to 122F waters.

The Southwest

rio 2352566 960 720 e1701213546735Brazil begins to show its urban face. In Rio de Janeiro, called the “Marvelous City”, the luxuriant greenery contrasts with thousands of modern buildings. The city brings together one of the country’s busiest night and cultural lives, the world’s most well-known Carnival parade with its luxurious samba schools. But still in this state, you have option for great “Rio Escape Gateways,” as the paradisiacal Ilha Grande in Angra dos Reis (south of Rio), and Buzios (north of Rio).

In the state of Minas Gerais, you can visit historical and small charm cities like Ouro Preto, Tiradentes and Diamantina. Or you can bathe in the waters of the mineral springs found in Caxambu and Araxa, as well as see (or maybe…find)! the most beautiful precious and semiprecious stones in this old mining region. In the North coast of São Paulo state you still find the beautiful Atlantic Forest.

The South

brazil 2364172 960 720 e1701213597257Blonde children with big blue eyes, a strong regional accent — are you really in Brazil? — since it was colonized mainly by German, Italian and Polish immigrants, the facial features and the achievements of its inhabitants present a decidedly European atmosphere. In the state of Parana you will find the Iguazu Falls – one of the world’s largest waterfalls. In the state of Santa Catarina, you can find so many beautiful beaches along the coast, with water and sand for all liking.

And in Gramado or Canela, in the Rio Grande do Sul state, you will find a real image of Bavaria, with colonial cafes serving tasty German delicacies. The state strong regional spirit offers an abundant folklore of music and dance, combined with the custom of eating churrasco (BBQ) and drinking chimarrão (mate tea).

Entry Requirements

A visa is required for foreign citizens wishing to visit Brazil. Passport should be valid for six months from the intended date of arrival in Brazil. They can be obtained through the nearest Brazilian consulate in your area. More information in the links below:

  • Brazilian Embassy – Consular Service in Washington DC

District of Columbia, states of Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia 3009 Whitehaven Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20008
Tel: 202-238-2828 / Fax: 202-238-2818
E-mail: / Homepage:

Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Nova York
Consulate General of Brazil in Houston 
Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles
Consulado Geral do Brasil em Miami 
Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco
Consulado-Geral do Brasil em Toronto
Consulado-Geral do Brasil -Sydney Australia
Consolato Generale del Brasile – Milano

  • Currency

The Brazilian monetary unit is the REAL (R$). The official exchange rate is published daily in the newspapers. Cash and traveler’s check is easily exchanged with hotels cashiers and doorman’s.
The Universal Currency Converter

  • Climate

Climate varies, according to latitude and altitude. Seasons are the exact opposite of those in the U. S and Europe (except in the North of the country). the average yearly temperature is about 82F in the North and 68F in the South.

  • Religion

Catholicism is Brazil’s largest religion. But Protestants, Jews, Evangelical Christians and African spiritual religions, such as Candomblé and Ubanda, all are present in Brazil.

  1. Airlines Co. flying from USA to Brazil

Latam Airlines (Brazilian): from Miami and New York
Copa (Panama): from Los Angeles (stop in Panama City)
American Airlines (American): From Miami and New York
Continental (American): From Newark
United (American): From Miami, New York and Chicago
Delta (American): From Atlanta
AeroMexico (Mexican): From Los Angeles (Stop in Mexico City)
Avianca: From Miami, Orlando, Washington DC

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