By Vinay Jalla

0zblocosimpatiaThe Brazil Carnival is considered as one of the supreme artistic shows on the planet. Delight, dazzle, and dissipation summarize the greatest carnival of all Rio Carnival, a four day gala event celebrated forty days before the Catholic holiday – Lent.

Enchantment, energy, and enjoyment are the reasons as to why hundreds of thousands of people flock to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to celebrate and participate in many festivities that occur all over the city complete with music, parades, dancing, and renowned Carnival balls. The Rio Carnival keeps evolving and seems to be getting bigger every year. The Samba Parade has moved from the streets to become an expensive and spectacular show while there are ever more kinds of merry-making.

The Brazilian culture comes out in all its hues and moods. The processions are full of cheerful people dancing and singing on the streets. The Samba Schools play a major role in the joyous festivities as they pick theme, work on lyrics and choreography for an all round entertainment of the spectators. Many interesting events happen a few weeks before the Carnival such as animated group rehearsals, elections of the Carnival King and Queen, samba shows, samba school rehearsals and costume exhibitions.

The famous “Sambodromo” is a half-mile long parade strip flanked by spectator stands and luxury boxes. On the last Sunday and Monday nights before Lent, the seats are filled with over 75,000 eager spectators. Tickets cost up to hundreds of dollars each and sell out quickly. Some things you just need to experience in the Brazil Carnival include stepping on the Sambodromo asphalt and groove to the blaring tunes a magical experience that you should at least give it a try. Get out there and samba with the locals. I’m sure there is no shortage of dance partners out there to shake your body with.

jojojoShort History of the Brazil Carnival 

In 1840, the firsts “carnaval balls” took place based in European “mardi gras” traditions and later street parades became part of the festivities, leading to the samba and merging into the familiar sounds of Carnival by 1917. In 1928, the Samba School was started and the Samba Parade was held in the streets of Rio. The famous “Sambodromo” was built in 1984 to be the official “house” to host the parade. 

Rio and Brazil Carnival Calendar Up to 2020 is Following:

2020 – Starts Saturday February 22
2021 – Starts Saturday February 13
2022 – Starts Saturday March 01

Planning Ahead your Trip to Brazil and Rio’s Carnival

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is celebrated in four days from Saturday to the Fat Tuesday. In some other coastal cities such as Recife and Salvador in the Northeast, it is celebrated during a whole week.


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