By Debora Siva

closeup tiro de um alfinete preto no pais brasil no mapa

A closeup shot of a black pin on the Brazil country on the map

Brazil is, once again, a country of immigrants. According to official data released by the Brazilian Department of Justice, the number of documented foreigners living in Brazil climbed 50% in only six months, from 961,867 (December of 2010) to almost 1.5 million (July of 2011). Contrarily, the number of Brazilians leaving the country has dropped.

“In 2005, there were 4 million Brazilians living abroad. This number dropped to 2 million last year. These Brazilians are returning, particularly, from the United States, Japan and England,” explains Paulo Abrão, Justice Secretary, pointing out the crises that these countries are currently facing.

The economic growth and the visibility that Brazil is gaining internationally are the main reasons for this attraction. “International corporations are looking at Brazil with different eyes,” added Abrão. The first in the list of immigrants are Portuguese, followed by Bolivians, Chinese and Paraguayans, reveals the data by the Ministry of Justice.

Just as an update for the original article that was originally written in 2014, in 2020, Brazil approved 24,880 processes for requesting recognition of refugee status. The largest refugee ancestries were Venezuelan (24,030) due to the Venezuelan refugee  crisis. By the number of registered immigrants in Brazil and data of 2020, the top 5 immigrant groups living in Brazil are Venezuelans as said, followed by Haiti (169, 489), Bolivia (140.544), United States (86,418) and Colombia (81.036).

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