brazilian flag 1420482 1280 The Brazilian community and lovers of Brazilian culture have the opportunity to celebrate the Brazilian Independence Day, again in a sunny day of September, this year of 2023, with the initiative of the american/brazilian couple, Brady and Mariana Panzica Farmer.

The new Brazilian Day Festival presented by Devoted to Youth Foundation, a CA 501c3 non-profit organization will be held at Preble Field, Liberty Station Point Loma, located at 2455 Cushing Rd, San Diego, California, on Saturday, September 2nd, from 11am to 7pm.

The production of the new outdoor festival already confirmed brazilian artists/groups such as Calisamba, Marauak, Andre Monari, Doce Mel, Universalize, Capoeira Massape, Energia Samba, Super Sonic, DJ Flavia Xexeo, and as the main headliner, Grupo Resenha California. There will be a large stage with 8 hours of live music, speeches, dance and performances.

The festival will have a large VIP area connected to the stage so the folks on the VIP area can mingle with the performers. “The VIP area is for those that enjoy the finer lifestyle as it will provide beverages, lunch and also a dinner buffet for an additional fee” said Brady 2662513 1280 1

The Brazilian Day Festival also will have multiple beer gardens, eating area and a fun zone for kids, all around 75-100 vendors that will sell multicultural foods and goods, arts and different services to the community . “We are proud to offer the first of its kind, a mothers nursing and changing area where moms can get away from the crowd to feed and change their babies” said Mariana Farmer.

The event is a celebration of Brazil and its amazing variety of different cultures, food, arts, and business. “The New Brazilian Day Festival is here to raise money to directly affect youth and their families in San Diego, L.A, and in many parts of Brazil. Funds from the event will go directly to help families in different ways such as to start a small business and develop business ideas, to find work as well as feeding and clothing those in need, added the co-founder Mariana.

The early bird starting costs of the event will rise as the date of the event gets closer so buy now! VIP tickets $250 and regular tickets $10. The festival have Samantha Carvalho as director of communications
and Bruno Moreira as director of entertainment.

“Mariana and I were talking a lot about how we can directly affect the Brazilian community in California and Brazil and we came up with the idea of creating a new style of Brazilian Day Festival. This event will give us access to a lot of Brazilian families that need help and as we raise funds we can directly help them in our own unique way without having to rely on the government or politics. We want to be there for people like we always wanted people to be there for us. We can make a bigger more direct impact if we do this ourselves”, added Brady Farmer.

The independence day celebration will go on again in San Diego to the pleasure of the “Brazucas” and lovers of Brazilian culture. For sure, you will find energetic rhythms, exotic flavors and a colorful environment…all under the authentic California summer atmosphere. More Info:

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