By Lindenberg Junior | Translated by Amanda Pepper

BR Day LA_2012_Brasilidade GuriSeptember has become the busiest month from Brazilians who live outside Brazil. It all started with the Brazilian Day NY – created more than 25 years ago, and has becoming even bigger with the other Brazilian Days spread around the US and the world. Nowadays,  millions of Brazilians take out their soccer jerseys, paint their faces, and hold their Brazilian flags with pride, while celebrating in many places like New York, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, the event has been happening for six years in a row. From 2007 on, it took place in “La Brea Tar Pits”, a park that belongs to the museum of contemporary arts of the city, with the support of the ambassador Thereza Quintella. The Brazilian Consulate orgazined the event for the first four years, then in 2011, it was put together by the Sambalá Samba School, a non-profit organization held by the American David de Hilster, and the Brazilian Doris de Hilster, but supervised by the Brazilian Consulate.

Unfortunately, last year’s Brazilian Day, which has been financially supported by the Brazilian Consulate  of Los Angeles, was postponed because the multiple economical crises the Brazilian government has experienced.  Although monetary contribution from the Consulate no longer available, the event is back this year with the help of several people including business woman Valeria Ruggieri.  The passionate individuals who brought Brazilians’ favorite event back to LA are Valeria Ruggieri, Lindenberg Junior (jornalist), Bakari (artist), Silvio Correia, Doug Howarth, Manolo da Silva and George Moussali (businessman), Flavio Ribeiro, Reni Flores, Rodney De Assis, Mario Pallais, Alex Lexa and Gio Castilhos (musicians), Ana Laidley, Ana Massete, Gisella Ferreira, Diane Brazil and Joany Macias (dancers/coreographers), Ilma Wright, Luciene Peck, and many other sponsors. They all collaborated to make their dream of bringing a “mini” Brazilian Day to LA come true at Samba Restaurant in Redondo Beach.BR Day LA_2012_Model Kid 1

The event will be on October 11th, from 12pm to 6pm. It will be free for the Brazilian community, including children.  On the interior of the restaurant you will find multiple Brazilian bands, dancing performances of samba and capoeira, a delicious feijoada at a special price, and plenty of drinks, like the traditional “caipirinha”. At the exterior part of the restaurant there will be artistic products, sweets, and traditional snacks for sale. You can also find representatives from the Brazilian Consulate and fun attractions for the kids.

Brazilian Day in L.A is an event for the community by the community. It’s the perfect opportunity to share the energy and the happiness of being Brazilian, and to also enjoy traditional dishes and drinks from our country. The most important aspect of the festival is that it gives everyone the sense of belonging to a big loving family, our Brazilian community of Los Angeles. Our contributors team, with the support of the Brazilian Consulate of Los Angeles, are looking forward to seeing you at the party this year, and at the big festival next year, in 2016.

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