GuaranaBrazil is the third-largest consumer of soft drinks in the world, and produces they own original soft drink called guarana that is made from an extract of an Amazon fruit with the same name. It looks like an eyeball with a fleshy white fruit that surrounds dark brown seeds. These seeds are about the size of coffee beans, but they contain twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds.

Being high in caffeine, the drink has made inroads in the U.S. as a result of the energy drink craze. In U.S you can find it in six-packs cans (aluminium) and liters (plastic) formats in most major U.S cities and though various Latino and Brazilian markets. The taste is mild, slightly apple-like, with a distinct berry after-flavor. However, some also say it has a slight ginger ale based tinge with a raspberry twang in it.

In Brazil, the guarana is the second best-selling soft drink in Brazil, behind only Coca-Cola, an absolute leader in its segment. Besides the popularity of guarana in Brazil, this soft drink is one of the top ten best-selling soft drink brands in the world.



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