28279642 1783627474982959 4832341282322819796 n e1701822275989Living in San Diego since 2011, he moved from his native Salvador, Bahia, for love! Actually, “Peace” and “Love” has been following Mario’s work for years. He left behind an eleven-year work with the Reggae band “Semente da Paz” (Seed of Peace) and landed in San Diego to live an intense passion.

Years later the son of an African father and a Brazilian mother, singer, songwriter and guitar player founder Raggabond Music Group. Marauak’s music reflects his years performing on stages and streets of Brazil and U.S and his exposure to a wide range of music.

His greatest strength is a rare musical fusion of Brazilian Classics with America’s African-influenced beats (jazz, soul, and funk).  Marauak’s repertoire is made of originals, in English and Portuguese, and reinterpretations of other artists. The result is a unique experience for his audience. His previous Reggae Collective album “Semente da Paz” is on Spotify.

Marauak’s versatility called the attention of American Rap artists. He was featured in albums of 3 different artists. The latest feature, a music video with International GT and it’s on youtube. The song is called “Out the Country”. Marauak is working on his debut solo album (2019) with original songs and fusion of various musical styles  – www.marauak.com 

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