Larissa França

Larissa França

Every country gets a boost when the games are held on its turf. In 2012, Brazilians mounted the podium 17 times, and they are sure to better that mark in 2016 in Rio. Starting with beach volleyball! Brazil has won more beach volley ball medals (11) than any other country, and it’s poised to add more.

Larissa Franca, age 34, and Talita Antunes, age 33, are defending FIVB world tour champs, and on the man’s side the reigning Olympic silver medalist is 6’8” Alison Cerutti, whose nickname is “mamute-mammoth”. He is paired with Bruno Schimidt, age 29, who has been named the tour’s best defensive player three years in a row. Indoors, the women, two-time defending Olympic champions, bring back nine of 12 players from London, and the men are defending silver medalists.

In judo, Sarah Menezes, age 26, is the best bet. She won the first judo medal in Brazil’s history in London 2012 and will defender her crown in the 48kg. She will be joined by Mayra Aguiar, age 24, who won bronze in the 78kg class also in London and beat out U.S judoka Kayla Harrison for gold at the 2014 world championships.

The gymnastics squads might not be contenders for team titles, but several men have individual medal aspirations, such as Diego Hypolito, age 30, and that won five medals in the floor exercise at world championships since 2005. Arthur Zanetti, age 26, won the rings in London, and Arthur Mariano, age 22, finishes first on the high bar at the “16 Osijek World Cup”.

In the pool, while Cesar Cielo, the most decorated Brazilian swimmer in the history, will not be splashing around in the pool, Bruno Fratus, age 27, will and is now the pool Brazilian star. He won the 50 meters-freestyle at the 2014 Pan-Pacific Games, and beat out Cielo at Brazil’s trials.

The basketball team has a real chance of silver or bronze medal consider that nobody can beat the US dream team. Brazil has five players from the NBA and is a for sure one of the candidates for medals in “home”.  And with superstar Neymar Jr, forward Barcelona player on the team, Brazil could also won the gold medal in soccer. Actually, the gold medal in the Olympics is the only title in soccer that Brazil have not won, and they promise to Brazilians – now is the time!

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