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This exotic beauty is bound to conquer the masses with her exotic look and unique musical style

With an utmost passion for music and arts, Brazilian born Ryaquel Rockie has used that drive to create her own path in music. From a creator standpoint where she produces, composes and sings her own music, the business mastermind of her brand where she handles the overall image, performances and in short, the biz.

While having moved to the U.S as an adolescent, Ryaquel always kept her roots close at heart, thus she was a regular performer of Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz in lounges and community-wide events. Raised by a Puerto Rican dad, Ryquel Rockie was introduced to a variety of musical genres; from Salsa to Latin Ballads, American Pop and even Reggaeton allowing her to create a Contemporary Tropical/Urban sound that not only complements the movement of the hips but also conveys a positive message to her fans.

“I’m an internationalist at heart and music is meant to be integrated, combining all cultures and people as a wholeImage Music Ryaquel 1 Web without distinction of race, ethnicity, religion, or genre,” said Ryaquel.

While pursuing her dream to become a performer, Ryaquel Rockie quickly realized the many glass-ceilings women encounter on their way to stardom, thus she decided to take it upon herself and handle all aspects of her musical career leading to her first single “Como Ella Hace”. As the title itself translates to “How She Does It”, she hopes to motivate other youth to empower themselves and just take the leap of entrepreneurial faith.

Ryaquel decided to focus on the Hispanic market first because she is producing her own songs that have Brazilian rhythms, but with also the incorporation of tropical rhythms from the Caribbean. She tells us: “Latinos generally loves Brazil and I want to represent our culture with variety and class. The latino market is also growing quite a lot around the world and even more here in the United States.”

Through her music, she looks to influence up and rising musical artists to sway from licentious societal norms and just be themselves every step of the way. “It’s ok to dance, play and enjoy yourselves, but the message shouldn’t be about vengeance and deceitful calls to action”, complements Ryaquel Rockie.

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