thumb-1152161013-michel-temer-resizedSpeaking during the launch event of the New Secondary Education System on September 22 (2016), President of Brazil, Michel Temer said that schools must be a major ally for each young person in their intellectual and social development. For him, the project will innovate in education in Brazil by adding flexibility to the school curriculum so that each student can adapt it to their interests; promoting the implementation of full-time education; and offering technical and professional training.

“The New Secondary Education System should, therefore, help citizens pursue their dreams. That is the goal (as I see it) of the new school curriculum and the full-time education policy that we are launching today. Indeed, we want Brazilian education to take a quality leap”, highlighted Temer.

The reform was submitted to Congress in the form of a Provisional Measure (MP), since, according to Temer, the matter requires urgency. He quoted Education Minister Mendonça Filho, who said that children and young people cannot wait. Temer also said that the New Secondary Education System is based on a model that has been tested and approved in more advanced countries. “Just now the Governor of Pernambuco was mentioning South Korea, where all education is full-time. No-one can ignore the progress achieved by South Korea as a result of their education model, complements Temer.

Funds for Education

Michel Temer stated that, despite the importance of the fiscal adjustments, the federal government will not reduce funds for education. He said that the government has fiscal responsibility, which is important in a period of austerity, and by the other hand they must have social responsibility and turn their attention to education. The Brazilian Government is commitment with the new Secondary Education System and they expected that 500,000 young Brazilians will be receiving full-time education by 2018.


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