Image_Web_June_Valentine Day_1Valentine’s Day in Brazil is not celebrated on February 14, the anniversary of St. Valentine, the saint of couples. Because it is very close to Carnival, Valentine’s Day was moved to the tupiniquim calendar. In 1949 publicist John Doris developed an advertising campaign for the no longer used holiday, Clipper Stores proclaiming the eve of the “Matchmaker Saint”, St. Anthony‘s day, the date for couples to exchange gifts. With the sensational slogan, “It’s not just kissing that proves love” the campaign exploded and established what is known as the third most lucrative date for Brazilian stores, only behind Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Image_Web_June-Valentine Day_2Valentine’s Day in Brazil is June 12 (Dia dos Namorados) and can be a chore for those who have a companion or even for those who don’t. For those in love, it is synonymous with giving and receiving gifts, going to restaurants and having a night “mucho caliente”. What about for those who do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend? ” In 2009 Brazil saw the emergence of the “Singles on Valentines’ Day Movement” which takes place between the last week of May and first week of June. In the first year it occurred in two cities.

In Sao Paulo the event was held at Ibirapuera Park (the largest green area of São Paulo) and in Rio de Janeiro there were a gathering of people at Copacabana beach. In both events there was a lot of music with themes from the carnival and, of course, romantic themes as well. The events, sponsored by “marketing partners” from online dating sites “Par Parfeito” and “Match”, are growing every year making this one more option for those seeking their “soul mate,” or for those who just want to have fun. In the first year, the respective movement website had 30,000 subscribers in just two weeks.

According to the website’s comments, it can be concluded that the major complaint of women is that men only want sex, while men complain that women are only looking for handsome, athletic men. The movement has also made it to the social networking web of Twitter and Facebook. Once again, a charming creation or at least, a great initiative “Made in Brazil.”

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