Photo by David Heymann

At age 15 David Heymann joined the NY City Musicians Union and freelanced as a drummer for many years. He received a 4 year percussion scholarship to attend college and soon began playing and hanging out at the Manhanttan Jazz Clubs before moving to the sunshine state.

In 1964 Dave received a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship to attend the Columbia University School of Social Work and began his 32 year career in counseling and psychotherapy. In 1976, Mr. Heymann entered the world of jazz radio at KUSPFM Santa Cruz. Since that time he’s been a radio host on 5 different stations, including commercial and satellite radio. For the past 20 years has been co-host of the popular radio program “Canta Brasil” on KKUP FM in San Francisco.

David Heymann comes to photography through the worlds of music & psychology, with his deep involvement with Brazilian music & culture and his therapist’s skill at establishing intimacy and trust, seeks in his photography to capture the essence of the Brazilian Spirit. One of his expressive photographs was featured on the cover of one of our issues.

*David Heymann passed away November 10, 2014. He was the founder of Brazil-California Music Bootcamp that takes place annually in northern California and is an opportunity for integration and friendship between Brazilian and American musicians.


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