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Have you been lay-off? Below find out various websites of different organizations that can help you!

www.worksourcecalifornia.comWork Source in California provides useful information regarding career opportunities and alternatives for lay-off employee in California. Smart California provides regional job hunting opportunities as well as guides to resume-writing that offer tips and samples of resumes. Back to Work provides information on Unemployment Insurance, finding a new job, and training.

www.careeronestop.orgTo search or post jobs in the United States, visit Career One-Stop. The organization has the support of the U.S government.

In a research by in 2017 there were some surprises in occupations/jobs with hot demands. The list included some familiar names but also some surprise newcomers. Some you did expect: information services staff, engineers, sales representative, financial specialist and teachers. Some you might not: machinist, truck drivers, craftsman, masons and plumbers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an excellent place to begin a search for career trends and vocational prognostication. Their Occupational Outlook Handbook and the National Employment Matrix provide hard numbers and projections on a variety fields.

Additionally, media giants outlets such as and regularly provide articles on current occupational trends. On the other hand, our otherwebsite is a good option if  you are into entrepreneurship and maybe decide to start a small business. You will find guides as well as products and services that can help small business owners and freelancers.

Check the U.S Department of Homeland Security website, a federal agency whose primary mission is to help prevent, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism on U.S. soil. Actually, there are over 20,000 jobs related to home security published on the internet. It is a growing market for job seekers, and the trend will continue for the next five years or more.

If working in U.S is not in your planning any more…

TEFL teacher boardConsider teaching English abroad like in Brazil and China. Many countries hire native English speakers to teach everyone from kindergartners to businesspeople. As English continues to become an international language, the need for teacher should continue to increase. In Brazil now (2018) the demand to learning English is booming and native English teachers (that can also speak Portuguese) have very good chances to be hired or to find clients as a freelancer.

I reminder that thanks to the internet, you can from anywhere teach English or share your knowledge with students in China. VIPKID in 2017 started hiring part-time ESL teachers to work at least 7.5 hours per week, mostly on weekday mornings and weekend evenings. The base pay vary from $14 to $20 per hour.

Here on Soul Brasil website you can find valuable and interesting articles regarding opportunities in the U.S and Brazil as well as doing business with Brazil. Use the site SEARCH BAR in the upper right corner at the top. For last, narrow the college field and find out more valuable sites for research – Over 120,000 students were surveyed to narrow down the best colleges in U.S. The results rank schools by political activity, quality of life, extracurricular and others factors. Registration is required, but is free. – Don’t be thrown by the fact this site is specific to Washington State. It has cool resources that can help you decide what you are really looking for in a school, regardless of where you are interesting in going. – This U.S Department of Education database aggregates school data on degrees offered, available programs, tuition and fees, and even the percentage of applicants admitted.

For last, BestColleges created an open use resource guide to help women of color get the salary they deserve from their next job offer. Their guide covers research in your career industry, highlights what you can offer to the company, negotiation tactics, and resources for salary negotiation.

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