sugar spoon e1717029146338More than 24 million Americans are victims of this dangerous disease, and even worse, they don’t know yet. A surprising number of North American residents, including young and apparently healthy people, have high levels of sugar in their blood. The symptoms can be so minor, or not be present at all, that sometimes doctors cannot detect the disease, causing a higher risk of cardiac and other serious health problems.

Recent studies of the Pan American Health Organization show that diabetes contributes to more than 45,000 deaths in Latin America. The OMS states that this number is low and this study hasn’t been completed yet. If they count the number of cases that have not been reported, this number would possibly reach 300.000. In the Latin America case, part of the problem is caused by the eating habits from their culture, and obviously that also includes Brazil. Many times people wrongly associate the “gorditos” with healthy people, especially when they’re kids. This mindset has to change or it will increase the risk of children to be not only obese, but also have diabetes.

Image Be Careful with Prediabetes

Be Careful with Prediabetes

In the USA, there are various parks and places for physical activities, especially in urban districts. Sometimes parents think they’re not safe and as a result, children stay in the house watching television or playing video games. Amongst the adults, the technology and the comfort of their home help some people to become more sedentary. Physical activity contributes substantially to preventing the disease.

The best way to fight against diabetes is to promote the prevention, the detection and the diagnosis in its “pre-phase”. Approximately 18 million residents in the U.S.A. suffer of diabetes either of type 1, when the pancreas do not produce enough insulin (the hormone that stabilizes sugar in the blood); or type 2, which is the most common one, when the disease develops itself through the years when the organism cannot use the insulin effectively to keep normal sugar levels.

The numbers of people with pre-diabetes, who are high-risk candidates to have diabetes type 2, are scary. The great majority of these people that have pre-diabetes are unaware of the fact that they have a sugar level higher than normal. That’s the dangerous part. If they could at least detect the problem during the “pre-phase” and start to change their habits a little bit, they could avoid becoming diabetic within 3,4,5 years.

7 Important Steps:

• Maintain the right weight according to your structure and height
• Exercise regularly
• Stop smoking
• Cut fat food
• Watch the carbohydrate
• Drink less alcoholic beverages
• Watch your sugar level

What are the natural ways to reduce the risk of diabetes?

Image Avoid eating junk foods at all costs

Avoid eating junk foods at all costs

A study of the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, in Maryland – USA, has reached the conclusion that a teaspoon of cinnamon in you food or juice daily during 40 days helps to control the glucose (the sugar in the blood), the cholesterol, and the triglycerides (fat in the blood) improving the insulin capacity to take the glucose to cells that need them.

The School of Public Health of Harvard, in the USA, after 18 years of studies evidenced that women who had inserted great amounts of magnesium in their diet had reduced the risk of getting the disease. This mineral can be found in whole grains, nuts and green leaf vegetables.

A research developed by the College of Nutrition of the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, in 2004, concluded that the skin of passion fruit has a high level of fiber called pectin, and in fact that reduces the cholesterol levels, especially the sugar levels in the blood.

Remember: When you take control of the sugar level in your blood, you take control of your energy level, your mood, your weight, your mental capacity and your appetite. For more information on diabetes, visit


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