By Vicente Faustino

  Brazilian Carnival Expression of Evolution 3In reality, Brazilians are privileged people in terms of festivities seeing that soon after the celebrations of New Year’s Eve and the beginning of Summer season (in Brazil) comes Carnival which could be considered the most popular outdoor festival in the world. Displaying in the forefront the inconceivable joy of Brazilian folks, Carnival is presented as authentic attraction of the tourism industry and propaganda os Brazil’s exportations.

The Carnival, the art and the world of businesses are prominent in the same way as the “fuel” of the tourism industry for Brazil. The process of the evolution of carnival has brought with it the imagination and expectation that far exceeds the concept of street opera, and consolidates itself as the most creative and democratic Festival of Arts worldwide.

The Carnaval (as Brazilians says), the nucleus of the creation of samba school, is compromised in associating art, historical and geographical circumstances. Imagination and emotion symbolize the body and soul of an artist. From the most famous display, Marquês of Sapucaí (Rio Carnival Parade) – to the simplest street songs the Brazilian rhythms offer its true wealth through a parade formation, in a diversity of rhythms like the samba which origin comes from the African batuque (beat).Brazilian Carnival Expression of Evolution 2 e1707441016248

From a musical standpoint, literature and the illustration of samba actually provide Brazil a path to re-trace its discovery, its cycles of development and portrait its flora and fauna, Sculptures symbolize the celebrities plastic arts are transformed into luxury, the dance exhibits the most intriguing hips and belly movements. Craftsmen show its genius with the exploitation of Brazilian’s natural resources, the architectural skills are often present in the form of displaying carnival as a true social works of art; the photography, the cinema, scenic and graphical arts, all these creativity in a world of fantasy of King Momo. The Carnaval that possess magical aspects of transforming artists into passacaglia and passacaglia in artists also is responsible for being the most celebrated and most popular part of Brazilian’s culture.

Rediscovering Brazil’s history, nothing has escaped the sensitivity of carnivals in globalizing tradition, and it simply provides tragedy to comedy by portraying culture and costumes as the most potent means of communications Brazil’s geography has been motivation to composers and explores traveling thousands of miles to contemplate its beautiful beaches, emerald green waters the wonders of Amazon forest, its lush mountains waterfalls, the biodiversity of the Atlantic forest, and all the natural wealth of the “continent”.

Brazilian Carnival Expression of Evolution 1 e1707441077546From a business standpoint the prominence remains in the formation of human resources, the creativity and readiness for employment – important pillars and a model of a competitive organization. The world of businesses still has to acknowledge that only a pleasant environment produces excellence.

Until the modern of Third Sector, with its social responsibility through volunteerism, there were many DNA parts of samba school that have contributed to the development of excellent projects such as technology and for having contributed t the reduction of social exclusion. The rise of life expectancy, the new structure of the world-wide market, and the changes of lifestyles are the trends that provide these major attractions to the tourism industry as one of the most promising enterprises of the future. From the beats and rhythms of legends such as Master Andre – drums note#10 – we conclude with a Carnaval Shout: explore tourism, not the tourist.

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