Image World Cup 2014 Silvio BBQ 1The “Carnaval” in Brazil is the largest thematic party in the world and the most famous event, without doubts, is made up of cariocas (nickname for someone from Rio) and is held every year in Rio. The “Brazilian Carnival”  is not only in Rio, but actually in all of Brazil and where have big concentrations of Brazilians around the world such as in California. In Los Angeles and San Diego per example, during the week of Carnaval in Brazil, you can also celebrate the culture and the energetic rhythms with harmonic and energetic heartbeats (check dates and locals bellow).

The party of Carnival is something really different for non-Brazilians and in particular, for those who never have been to Brazil to join the world’s largest party. “Carnaval” as Brazilians call it, shows different aspects of the colorful, hedonistic bacchanalia that give to you a sensation of a dream. Carnival is a wild 4-day celebration forty days before Easter. For 2018 Carnival officially starts on Friday, February 09th and ends on Fat Tuesday, February 13th with the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

In U.S we have Brazilian Carnaval parties and celebrations in many cities from San Franciso to San Diego and from L.A to NYC. In California, residents of the golden state and in special, all Brazilian culture lovers, have options in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Los Angeles (with two different opportunities as we have the carnival produced by Brazilia Nites and the carnival produced by Ariel del Mundo).

Carnival parties will be Saturday 10 but locations changes year by year and soon we will update this information. You can check also our calendar here. For sure, in all the options you will find the best Brazilian musicians and dancers in California (and sometimes, artists coming direct from Brazil). All them helps to bring a bit “the sabor” of Brazil’s Carnaval to the golden state!

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