You may have a surprise to see a photo of you in our official Facebook Pagebut if you live in Los Angeles or San Diego or Santa Barbara in California or Las Vegas in Nevada, there is a chance that we got you while you was having fun! Our contributors photographers always are ready to “catch” the vibe and the beautiful people in theses events! To check the different albums and photos click HERE to go to our official Facebook Page.

As example, we have photos from the Brazilian Day San Diego, Brazilian Day in L.A, Santa Barbara Solstice Parade, Brazilian Carnaval in Los Angeles and Brazilian Summer Festival in Hollywood to name just a few. We have many photos from our contributors photographers such as Claudia Passos, Jane Ceron, Victor Gutierrez and Lisa Nery. Check the different event ALBUNS HERE, surprise yourself, follow and like us!

Image Brazilian Day Lula e Cantor do Olodum

And here just a great reminder

Nothing beats face-to-face. Nowadays, staying in touch is easy! Text messages, emails, social media – there are just so many ways! But as updated as technology gets, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. To make sure we have strong bonds and friendships we need to continue to keep connecting with people on a personal level even when our computers are switched off. Make sure you set regular dates with your friends. It’s time to bring meaningful discussions back into our lives that go beyond the limited conversations we have through technology. Keep it in mind. Thank you!

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