By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Monique Mizrahi

Image Collages Urban Art e1701390641227The ambitious quest to fulfill our dreams is attainable. As incredible as it may seem, the collage as an art from can serve as an excellent tool in this quest. For the personal life coach Sandra Domingos, it’s a wonderful way of actively expressing herself. She finds her creativity flourishes through her collages, serving as a natural springboard to pleasure and overall self-awareness. By developing her own unique language, she has discovered the means to achieve her dreams.

Her collages display both her sensitive aesthetic and a visualization of her desires in file, allowing her to live out her fantasies of traveling extensively to exponentially inspiring new places. Another collage artist is Raquel Urey, an esteemed yoga instructor, who uses collages to discover healthy habits and nature as way of life, as well to express messages of peace, harmony and unconditional love. Her quest is for tranquility in her day-to-day life and in the lives of all inhabitants of our planet.


A collage is simply an assembly of different elements. It stems from the deepest core of our emotions, producing an unexpected blend of inner fruits. Speaking intuitively from our subconscious, the collage has flowered into an powerful means of communication. It is a structured activity that can be creatively executed with an unlimited number of different materials; including newspaper clippings, magazines, pieces of colored paper, assorted grains, sawdust, corks, etc.

In a collage activity, the individual searches for items they can use to express themselves whilst incorporating their feelings emotions and thematic ideas. Each and every collage artist follows their own intuition and allows themselves to be guided by the continuity of colors and emphasis of forms. By creating collages, one can improve the organizations of their life. The benefits are remarkably positive and cause an individual to plan more efficiently, pay more attention to themselves, and be more patient.

A collage is finished when the artist is flooded with emotions and begins to feel total peace. It often takes four to six consecutive hours to create, depending on the artist, ending with the last piece of colored paper infused in the collage. Upon completion, it is always a surprise and a revelation to contemplate the collage. The artist observes their elements transformed into metaphors, doors, gestures, and paths to self-awareness.

Thus a collage is a process of imaginations and creation for all ages, especially those who are ready to confront their goals, make positive changes in their lives, and answer the eternal question we all ask ourselves: “Who am I?”

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