By Maria Cristina Manfro |Translation: Andréa Alves and Geraldo Chaves

email 824310 960 720I once received an email saying: “Receiving emails is good for your health.” It seems it’s already been proven. If it is scientifically verified, I don’t know. But, if I examine my feelings, there’s no doubt it’s true.

Lately, I’ve had the privilege of meeting fantastic people, from all walks of life, that “entered” my life – as I did theirs – at the most unexpected moments, bringing messages of optimism, quality of life, humor. Everyday, even if separated by thousands of kilometers, I’ve been close to people who became important in my life because of the computer. I am impressed with people who are genuinely caring, and willing to bring words of comfort and motivation in times of need.

Even when people write to criticize some article, they are great. They send me their precious contributions and opinions, in a delicate and careful manner. And I take them as different points of view of a given topic. Their respectful way helps me grow as a person.

Those who dislike using computers have not yet become familiar with the possibilities of “tender loving care” it has to offer. I’ve been told that a computer does not replace a hug. But, honestly, I’ve felt hugged many times in the past weeks.

These are people that send me their poems, songs, essays. There are also those that have introduced me to their families, and others who have rewarded me with their abilities. Do you call this virtual friendship?? I’ll tell you, some of these people are not virtual at all!! Because their affection has long ago materialized. Where could I imagine such thing?

In a short time, many have visited my computer, left their message and departed. Others keep a constant presence and mean more than just a name on my contact list. I confess that they have their place in my heart. I wait for their messages as if I were a teenager anticipating a visit. If this is really a “teen’s thing,” then we should never grow up!

Obviously, as with anything in life, the intensity and frequency we use this resource (this way of meeting and relating to people) have to be taken into consideration. The perplexity of being surprised by a lovely message causes a real internal flow of energy that may be therapeutic, at times. Even when a message appears too lengthy, without a clear purpose, or too slow to open, be reassured that sometimes, out of the blue, comes that needed picture or word of encouragement. Sometimes you’ve already given up on a return message, and suddenly there you are! You got mail!

You could also say that we receive too much junk by email! But isn’t life also like that? Our task is to discern between the good and the bad. What I know is that I haven’t forgotten many names because of two fundamental words: initiative and investment. These people gained a place in my life. Sometimes it is difficult to answer everyone when we want, but I am sure it is worth it to dedicate some time to disseminate tenderness and love, with one single stroke of the “send” button. “SEND”.

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