By Tom T. Moore

BeingsFor the past five years I have communicated telepathically with a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System. The majority of people believe in telepathy, and even universities, such as Duke University, have done experiments with two sets of individuals—one to be the sender and one to be the receiver. What they have not discovered yet is that if both sender and receiver would be in a light Alpha, meditative state, the results would be at the top of the chart, with just a little bit of practice.

And the sender and receiver would not need to be in the same room or across campus. They could be halfway around the world from each other. Plus they wouldn’t just be able to send and receive if a shape is square, round or triangle, but whole sentences. I’ve found you can be across the universe and are able to instantly receive what are called “thought packets” from another being. Naturally it helps if that being is connected to you, as my “brother on another planet” Antura is.

During one of my “active meditations,” as I call them, with what we term my own Guardian Angel I named Theo, he introduced me to my soul brother, Antura. Since that time I’ve asked hundreds of questions, as he explained he’s under the same rules given to me by Theo. He will answer all my questions, but I have to ask them. As an example, I can’t just say, “Tell me what you look like.” I have to go into minute detail regarding arms, legs, hands, feet, gills, his eyes, skin color, and much more.

If you ever saw the Hellboy movies, one of the characters is an amphibian by the name of Abe Sapien. If you do a search for images you’ll get somewhat of an idea of what Antura looks like.

All I was told at first is that I would be able to meet with him and hitch a ride on a real flying saucer. I thought that was fantastic. As he was to explain much later, they never want to overwhelm us with information. “Spoon feed” was one term he used.

It seems I’m to be one of 12 “grass roots” contacts with whom he and his “first contact” team will meet when they travel to earth in 2017 on board one of those giant motherships with a crew of 850 assorted beings. That will be two years after the Pleiadians make first “public” contact in Russia in 2015. They wish to include normal people so as not to seem elitist when they meet with government and scientific people.

What he did not explain to me until shortly before I stopped compiling my book, was that as I’ve been in the international film and TV program distribution business for the past 30 years, I would also be shooting the first documentary on a mothership, along with my family (my daughter is a film school graduate). We will be interviewing humanoids of various sizes, plant beings, bird beings, insect beings, and even a couple of reptilians on board. They are all one big happy family, according to Antura, although the reptilians “tend to stick to themselves.”

I mention this because there really was a Star Wars a couple of million years ago when reptilians from another galaxy attacked this quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the war lasted thousands of universal years (one universal year equals 10 earth years). It was a nasty affair and billions of beings died. Antura explained that the actual war was much worse than our science fiction movies depicted. Instead of destroying just a planet, they would destroy the sun, thereby destroying all of the planets in that solar system. But everything is peaceful now. Two hundred planets in this quadrant of the galaxy banded together after the war and formed the Federation of Planets for protection, trade, and sharing of knowledge. There are six other federations of planets in this galaxy, all but one friendly. That one wants to be left alone, and so they are.

Before the Sirians arrive, in approximately 2016, the Zeta Grays will come to apologize for abducting almost 26,000 people worldwide in order to use their DNA to create a hybrid race, as their race was dying. That should be interesting. The Pleiadians will be first, as they look just like us, with slight differences. Just the fact there are other beings in the universe that look like earth humans will be tremendous news. Again, Antura says they will not go into great detail on their first trip, “spoon-feeding” us a little more information on each one of their subsequent trips to earth.

I asked Antura how they’re able to travel such vast distances, and the best description I received was that they “portal hop.” He says no one can go from side of even our galaxy in one hop, but through a series of portals. He compared it to traveling on Southwest Airlines from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast, with intermediate stops along the way. When I expressed surprise at the comparison, he said, “Tom, we know EVERYTHING about you. We’ve studied you for thousands of years.”

alieninsuranceAnother surprise I had was when I asked him how many portals does the earth have. He said we have 60 portals, all very close to the earth. We’re like Grand Central Station. One or two portals even go to the next universe, which we can even see in our night sky. We think it’s part of our universe. He says most planets have far fewer portals—many only one. That should tell you how important our “Earth Experiment” is to the rest of the universe. In summary, we’re in for some very exciting times in the near future as we learn about our true history.

*Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO, speaker and author of many books including First Contacts: Conversations with an E.T, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for those who Believe in Angels and The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues.

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