By Julia Melim

863c7af7 a6c5 416c b882 7e9f62b9b21a e1703205119480Ariel Del Mundo Presents has become a recognizable symbol to the Brazilian community and today Ariel organizes events all over California promoting the famous Brazilian beats. “Ariel Del Mundo Presents and Ariel are two very different figures, I’m very private, not many people know who I really am,” says Ariel Del Mundo. Ariel says he’s very careful about whom he invites into his personal life, but Soul Brasil got a glimpse of it.

He became known as an events promoter and music producer in L.A bringing various Brazilian bands such as Paralamas do Sucessos, Titans and Marcelo D2 to the City of Angels, among many others. However, not many people know the man behind the public figure. .

He grew up in San Francisco and started beat boxing at the early age of 4. Soon after that, he was already DJing. “Music was always part of my life, I see beats in everything,” says Ariel. Before he could devote his time solely to music, Ariel had to deal with many personal struggles – growing up with an absent father and burying both his mom and his older sister before the age of 11. That was a lot for a child to deal with, but Ariel barely had time to mourn. He had to pick himself up quickly because there was no one left to support him and success was his only choice.

“I had no safety net; if I fell I would break down. In a way that gives you strength to keep going” says Ariel. This guy fell in love with the unique Brazilian beats when he first heard them on Venice Blvd and he kept going back for more. Ariel has been producing Brazilian events in L.A since the ’90s including the Miss Brazil-USA/Los Angeles. He has made a living of it and supports Brazilian artists who aspires an international career. “Many Brazilian artists are trying for an international career. The way to go is to bring the Brazilian beat and sing in English like Joao Suplicy & Supla (the project “Brothers of Brazil)”.
After working with various bands all over the U.S, touring as a22885798 2072975692925204 1840848285543729751 n e1703205179781 DJ and promoting events in L.A, he was then invited to be the music director of a UK label. Ariel was about to leave for London when the unexpected happened. He was organizing one last event in L.A and while helping put up the banner on the roof he fell off the building. He fractured many bones, which left him paralyzed in a wheelchair for almost 3 years. That was another obstacle he had to overcome – by exercising little by little and going against doctors orders he was finally able to walk again.

“It changed my life, but if that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have found love and many other opportunities that were given to me here.” When it comes to love, he prefers to stay private, but he admitted that he likes Brazilian women. After working with so many well-known artists, Ariel says that being grateful is his most important accomplishment in life. “If you are not capable to be humble and appreciate your success, you have nothing”. Even though Ariel himself is not Brazilian, he has fully embraced Brazilian culture and according to him, that’s a love that will last a lifetime.

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