By Laís Oliveira |Translation: Isabela Jordão

Image Beautiful people 3954533The data is not a novelty: the most usual activity for more than half of Brazilians that travel to the U.S is shopping. Even with the economical crisis the country is going through, and with the decrease in the number of trips, what Brazilians really like is to spend some bucks when in the States. But there is some relevant information about that habit.

Orlando, for instance, exceeded Miami and, according to a survey made in February 2018, the host city of Disney World is the most sought after destination by Brazilians. The fact of having Disney as an attraction, along with promotional flight fares and a growing Brazilian community that includes business owners, has made Orlando the new “little darling” of Brazilians.

In 2016, the Brazilian economic crisis and political uncertainties caused many people to postpone their vacation trips. However, the sales of travel packages to Orlando increased by 50% in 2017, and the exchange rate was one of the main reasons for tourists to go to Florida. With the fall in dollar price, the demand for Orlando increased a lot, and many Brazilians were able to travel there for the first time.

Following Orlando, Miami is in second place on Brazilians’ route, and Las Vegas in third. Other US destinations preferred by Brazilians are New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. According to the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV, in Portuguese initials), these are the most popular destinations for combining tourist attractions with good shopping places.

Leisure is in the planning of the trip, but the low prices (compared with the prices in Brazil) on electronics, clothing and accessories, beauty products, household items, and jewelry is what most draws the attention of Brazilians. Branded clothing and accessories, for example, may differ by 50% from the Brazilian price. Child and baby clothes even more. Already targeted since a long time ago, electronics can reach up to 40% cheaper. Women, in particular, are attracted by the low prices of fashion and beauty items such as bags, perfumes, and makeup.

Miami has always attracted people from all corners of Brazil for its beautiful beaches and cheap prices at commerce. Las Vegas attracts for the exuberance of the big casinos and the bargain in the daily rates of the 5-star hotels (or is that 6 stars?). New York, on the other hand, because it is the “capital of the world” – and it sounds so fancy for Brazilians to say “I have been in NY”. San Francisco, in particular, because is the sweet spot of the LGBT people, and attracts by its charm, history, and by being small and easy to get to know and get around. Last but not least, Los Angeles, of course, attracts for the famous beaches, the surf culture, Beverly Hills and Hollywood (including the variety of theme parks and visits to production studios).

Despite the great demand of Brazilians for Orlando, experts say that the flow is still far from what it was in the not-so-distant past. Until 2015, many Brazilians traveled up to twice a year or more to the USA, whereas after 2016, many traveled only once or not at all, as they understand that the moment on Brazilian economy is complicated, so a trip can compromise the budget. Of course, besides the crisis, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, along with the huge fall of Real, decreased even more the number of Brazilians’ trips to the U.S.

* This article was originally published in Portuguese in our digital / printed magazine in the beginning of 2020 and before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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