By Conceição Trucom

fruit 1850032 960 720You do not have to make radical changes in your eating patterns to increase your body’s health. The first step to take in clean and detoxification the body of impurities is to have fresh fruit juices for breakfast, whic are low in calories, prevent illnesses and are good for the intestines. Observation: Juices are not medicine. Juices are natural and nutritious and enhance your energy. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fibers keep the body healthy. a word of caution: Do not substitue a juice in place of a meal.

The juice should become part of a newly acquired eating pattern. It is best to drink the jucie in the morning when the body is prepared is best set for bowel movement. Another time would be during an afternoon break or before the next meal. Benefits to drinking juices, the absorptions of nutrients is quicker: Juices help the cardiovascular system, control hypertension, with the detoxification of the blood; Increase energy and hydration levels, softens the skin and makes hair shine; Promotes better sleep, memory and lucidity; Increase resistance to colds and flus; Decreases the chances of becoming constipated.

Avoid industrialized and concentrated juices that come in boxes, bottles or cans. The ingredients, in these cases, under go a heating process, chemical ingrediants and pasteurization to prevent product deterioration. The fresh juice, with fruits and herbs, is undoubtedly the healthiest choice. It needs to be taken immediately after preparation, to avoid losing nutritional value.

These are important juices:

Citric: source of vitamin C, that delays aging and prevents infectious diseases;

Carrots with celery: energetic;

Green leaves: mix one or two of the following: spinach, parsley, celery, lettuce, mint, chard (Swiss), watercress, with one type of sprouts (alfalfa, beans, soy) plus one apple and a few drops of lime. It gives energy, cleans the blood and fights constipation.

Beta carotene: food that contains beta carotene helps prevent some types of cancer: carrots, watercress, spinach, beets, broccolis…

These are unbeatable

Immune system: 2 peeled apples + 1 peeled orange (leave the white part) + 2-3 basil leaves
Relaxing: 3 carrots + 1 celery stem + parsley + lime drops
Detoxifying: 2 carrots + ½ cucumber (don’t peel) + ½ raw beet (don’t peel; wash and brush it well) + a few leaves of your choice of herbs + Lin seeds
Digestive: 3 thick pieces of pineaple + 1 carrot + spinach + mint + juice of 1 lime
Energy: 100g of white grapes + 3 kiwis + 1 peeled orange (leave the white part)
Intestines:1 slice of papaya + 3 peeled oranges + 5 dried seedless plums (or 2 Tbsp of seedless raisins). Don’t strain the juice.
Nutritious: raw spinach + 3 chopped oranges + 1 carrot + 1 beet + 1 tsp of oat flakes
Sedate hunger: 1 tomato + ½ cucumber (don’t peel) + 1 celery stem + juice of 1 lime. Drink it during morning or afternoon brake.
SPECIAL: Energetic. Some say it’s the rebirth juice. Prevents colds and flus, and aids the cure of infectious diseases. Helps fight nausea and softens the skin: 4 carrots + 1 peeled apple + 1 piece of ginger

* Conceição Trucom has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry (UFRJ, Brazil) and has worked for more than 25 years in the field of Health and Nutrition. The integration of natural eating techniques, meditation, kabballah, tarot and numerology has helped her work in the area of conscious eating.

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