By Isabela Jordão

playlists soul brasil spotify 1For every moment of life, there is always a playlist that fits perfectly. And if you are a fan of that unmistakable Brazilianness that gives a special magic to any rhythm, lyrics and melody made in this continental mixed country, be sure to follow Soul Brasil’s profile on Spotify!

We have selections to go along you to the gym, on the road, at the barbecue and even when it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle and just relax. All with the best of Brazilian and international music. In fact, for lovers of the Golden State, we have the playlist “California Dream”, only with songs that talk about our beloved “Califa”, as it is called by Brazilians.

And speaking of music, it is a fact that we are no longer at the time when Sinatra sang “Girl from Ipanema” or Aurora Miranda was the star of a Disney film. Even so, even after Tom Jobim and Elis Regina, there is no shortage of Brazilians captivating the ears of Americans with the unique way of making music that only exists in that tropical country.


If you have any doubts about this, then listen to our playlist “Músicos na Califa” (Musicians in California), an exclusive repertoire of artists who left Brazil to conquer the stages of the Golden State. Below, you can see a straw for each song on the list.

1) Mistureba – Kátia Moraes (L.A.)

As the name means in Portuguese, this song is a mixture of Brazilian rhythms, which perfectly matches the lyrics, a celebration of the country’s cultural diversity.

2) Meu Mar – Daniel Carneiro (L.A.)

In Miami or Copacabana, “Meu mar” is the typical “beach music”, whose rhythm is Brazilian reggae.

3) That Force – Grupo Resenha California (San Diego)

This root samba with an air of bossa is perfect to pack any moment!

4) Atrás do Green Card – CaliSamba (Orange County)

The name of the song says “Going after the Green Card”, which leaves no doubt: it is a comic samba about the life of a Brazilian in the USA, with which every Brazilian immigrant can identify.

5) Jah do Amor – Namorados da Lua (San Francisco)

We couldn’t miss a novel on our playlist, which you find in this pop reggae.

6) Semear o Chão – Marauak (San Diego)

In this song, the artist proposes a more root reggae, with a hint of Brazilian Popular Music (or MPB).

7) Batucada Fast – Mikael Mutti, Angelo Metz (L.A.)

The title says it all: it is really “batucada”, the kind of percussion that allows you closing your eyes while listening to and imagining yourself at Sapucaí during carnival.

8) Viver na California – Spinelli (Orange County)

This “pagode” about the Golden State is almost a Brazilian version of Chuck Berry’s “Route 66” or Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

9) Vai Acabar Tudo Bem – Rogê (L.A.)

The perfect song for the end of the year, especially 2020. The melody is quite light, with an encouraging message for difficult times.

folder 920 201707260845 110) Essa Saudade – Jon Gilutin, Kleber Jorge (L.A.)

The song is a beautiful bossa nova, which honors Vinícius de Moraes, a sort of founding father of that rythm.

11) My Love For Yemanja – Germano Kuerten (L.A.)

It is an electronic music piece in tribute to a well-known Afro-Brazilian deity.

12) Rio Tapajós – Fabiano do Nascimento (L.A.)

If you like instrumental music, surely you will love this delicious melody, which is a portrait of Brazilian Northeast.

13) Mania de Você – Teka (Santa Barbara)

A classic MPB, with relaxing lyrics. If you concentrate well on this song, you may even think that you are in a club in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

14) Sempre Odara – Carla Hassett (L.A.)

In line with the previous song, this is a classic MPB, in the best female MPB style.

15) Martin – Fernando Ébano (L.A.)

To be fair with the protagonist of the lyrics, the song is a mixture of rhythms where gospel is the main one.

16) Amor Puro – Adam Topol (L.A.)

This romantic song is an MPB reminiscent of the South Zone of Rio.

17) Origem Remix – Sambajah (Orange County)

A very Brazilian hip hop, with a lot of samba involved. As it couldn’t be at such a pace, the lyrics involve social criticism of Brazilian politics in general.

18) Soldado do Amor – Monica da Silva

Bossa nova enthusiasts will love this song, whose rhythm brings legacies from Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim.

19) Come Girl – Jahgun, Mr. Surprise (L.A.)

If you are already planning a party for when the pandemic is over, you must include this electro-funk in your playlist.

20) Ilayle – Ana Gazzola (L.A.), Sonia Santos (L.A.)

These two Brazilian singers sing in Spanish, but this is not strange in Brazil. The rhythm of the song also brings a mixed Latinity, that evolves the whole South American diversity.

homem jovem segurando smartphone com spotify app21) Jacksoul – Sonia Santos (L.A.), Ana Gazzola (L.A.)

In an eclectic mix of various typical Brazilian rhythms, the lyrics play with various elements of national culture.

22) Battlefield – EFinito and DJ Seoud (San Diego)

The lyrics are in English, but it is only proof that electronic music from Brazilians does not lose anything to American DJs.

23) Macumba – Lily Lyon (L.A.)

In line with the previous song, “Macumba” adds more Brazilian tones to electronic music.

24) Light Me Up – Birdfish Band (with Brazilian leader, Gio Castilhos, from L.A.)

Our playlist ends with a Brazilian Surf Music song.


Did you like our selection? Then check out the other Soul Brasil playlists on our Spotify profile! There, in addition to “Músicos na Califa” and “California Dream”, you will find lists like “Brazilian Workout”, for those who want to exercise to get in shape like a Brazilian, and “Romantics”, for those who feel love in the air.

You know what to do now, right? Just put your headphones on and enjoy!

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