By Lindenberg Junior | Translation: Ricardo Dantas

Image Music Samples WebAs the Middle Ages wise men used to say, to play an instrument whether you have musical skills or not, or just to participate in a musical ritual regardless of the instrument you play, enhances your chances of establishing a connection with your inner music and also the entire Universe. It brings a sensation of well-being, peace and harmony.

For those who were not born with a musical gift, or that for one reason or another never had a chance to learn music, it is essential to remember that it is more important to become involved with any musical instrument, even if you have not technically studied it, than to completely disregard this good habit just because we are not the perfect “rhythm kings and queens.”

In the Holy Bible, the Muslim Qur’an, Umbanda Scripts, and also the Rastafarians, in all religious interpretations andcultures, we can find similarities that say more or less the same thing: “Sing and play music to please the Gods and enchant your soul.” And that’s exactly what we should do, as much as possible.

Image Music SurdoTo conclude, grab a flute, a harmonica, tambourine, drums, berimbau, or any musical instrument with which you identify. Focus on some musical exercise or continuous playing, with or without an instructor, and discover the music that’s playing in your soul!

And if you are a musician…

You should understand that the relationship between a player and that player’s instrument is a powerful bond. No two instruments are alike. A new instrument can inspire a different playing style, new compositions, or even lead to improved playing. As a musician, finding yourself without an instrument can be as disconcerting as waking up without an arm.

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