By Rosana Braga

pexels van thang 1415131 e1709772917464Sometimes we may hear from friends and work fellows: “I don’t want to fall in love. I’m afraid… I don’t know…”. We shouldn’t fear love. We should probably fear those people that say it’s crazy to fall in love. Love is a beautiful! Wonderful experience, it shouldn’t be feared!Studies indicate that single people tend to have shorter lives than people who share their lives with someone. Assuming this is true, we may imply that love is not only important, but it’s also a necessity we must satisfy. It’s probably nonsense to be afraid to love!

What’s really behind this fear, is a desperate need for someone. It’s an anxiety similar to the feeling we have wh en we miss our loved one. Actually, we are not afraid of love. We are really afraid to lose those whom we love!

Well… But before being afraid of losing ouroved ones, first we must love, right? And do so intensely! Love today more than yesterday! Tomorrow more than today!

We have begun a new century. We live an era in which there is no need to “wear armors” to protect us from love. On the contrary, these times require a certain “nakedness”, a willingness to face and act truthfully! Honestly. Willingness to completely give ourselves away.

Let’s, once and for all, eliminate this fear of what shouldn’t fear. This is a confusing and destructive emotion. Let’s deeply live love! Experience its pleasures and its canyons. Love! Accept to be loved. Live Intensely every minute, every hour, every day. Live Longer!

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