By Marcia de Souza | Translation: Suheila Mouammar

gothic 2910057 340It was near midnight and no call from my boyfriend Bob. My girlfriends had been waiting since seven o’clock and now we were late. Once again we were depending on a ride from my soon to be ex-boyfriend; after all if he did not call me in the next five minutes, I swore I would break up with him. So I called a taxi and headed to the club with the girls, free, independent. Who knows maybe I will find someone interesting over there. Maybe a “love at first site…”.

We arrived at the Blue Planet Club at midnight. As I entered I felt my heart beat faster, my hands break out a cold sweat and butterflies for no reason. We looked for a table but because we arrived late there were none left. So we went straight to the bar to get ourselves a drink, preferably something “light”, a Yerba Mate maybe. I also did not want to look after anyone drunk since Bob was already a lot to deal with whenever we went out. Our relationship of nearly one year would end because of one more of his neglectful attitudes and also because of my lack of usual patience, but anyways I don’t want to think about it anymore.

I can’t believe I am here in a very trendy club full of hotties everywhere and half an hour away from the end of my relationship. However, I still have plenty of strength to laugh, dance and feel good. Then a slow song started– that’s not cool. I have to get over it, after all I am a woman ready to discover new worlds. I guess I was not as ready as I thought.

The dance floor fills and my friends go dancing, except for me, I remained seated alone with my Yerba Mate drink. Then I suddenly hear a whisper on my left side. It appeared to be two guys deciding which one was going to ask me to dance, I look around discreetly while they argue over me, I almost die, my God, they are two “dirtbags”! What do I do now? I don’t have enough time to run and hide in the bathroom. I know for sure one of them will come over and even if I say no I am sure he will seat next to me and give me some kind of line. Oh! No, here comes one of them towards me the uglier one.

-“Do you want to dance?”
-“No, thank you.”
-“Are you alone?”
-“No. My gosh his got no creativity!”
-“I’m Fernando. What is your name?”
-“Can I sit down?”

Before I could even answer, out of nowhere appears another guy who puts his hand on my shoulder and answers clueless Fernando that the seat was already taken, and then he looks at me and smiles, while I don’t know what to say. Fernando leaves with his tail between his legs, I am glad.

-“Hello Hanna, can I seat next to you and keep you company?”

I have no idea what I answered at the time, but I remember very clear that he sat politely next to me and looked deep into my eyes and all those anxiety sensations came back again.

I quickly took my eyes from his but I couldn’t resist for long. And so to hide my anxiety I asked him what was he doing here, I realized later that was a mistake, but he was gentleman and changed subject and touched my hand and took me to the middle of the dance floor. I didn’t even respond if I wanted or not to dance, but even if he had asked, I was so enchanted by him that I would have made a full of myself.

We began dancing I waited for him just like all the others to start asking me the same old questions, so silly of me to think that, of course he was not like all the others. He moved my face away from his shoulder and looked into my eyes, I was still a little nervous but at the same time I trusted him as if I known for a long time and knew that he would not hurt me. He again looked at me and told me what sounded like a passage of poetry than he kisses my cheek and vanish through the main door leaving me in the middle of the dance floor understanding absolutely nothing.

I was standing still in the middle of the dance floor hearing his voice saying one only sentence which was tingling in my mind: ” True love never dies therefore I am here and I have you in my arms…”. My friends told me I was standing motionless staring at the front door.

Flavinha comes to wake up in a hurry – -Wake up, wake up Hanna, guess who just called? -There was need for nothing else, my heart beat went mad, my belly shivered and my hands were sweating, I only though of him, I quickly jumped from the bed and from the top of my lungs I asked if “he” had left me a message? And Flavinha answered that “Bob” only wanted to know what time we were planning to go to the nightclub later on because he didn’t want to be late and have us go by taxi.

*Marcia de Souza is a book and writing lover. She is Brazilian and has lived in Los Angeles and Moscow. She speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese, and in 2010 moved back to her native Recife in Brazil. 

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