By Donna D’amore

model 1955513 960 720Signs swirl around us every day, yet we are so preoccupied by with activities of our waking lives, that the underlying significance is ignored or forgotten. This is why symbolism is presented in dreams. While asleep, we are open to receiving communication from our guides in the spiritual realm, and vital messages are imparted in this manner. By accepting that dreams are a valid method of communication, and taking time to discern what the signs signify, we find divine guidance and assistance.

Lessons contained in dream are mystical and intriguing, and it give me great joy to help others understand what their mean. Hardly a day goes by without an opportunity to decipher symbols or deliver messages. Therefore, it was both ironic and amusing that when my spirit guides attempted to assist with a situation in my own life, I completely ignored the symbolism presented in a dream communication. A few days later when a stronger illustration was given, I understood the message clearly!

Shortly after the New Year holidays had passed, my son noticed a wet place on the dining room carpet. He figured perhaps our dog had an accident there, and although I thought it unlikely, I wiped up the spot and forgot about it. A few days later, I stepped onto an area of the carpet which was completely soaked. Perplexed, I checked under the sink but found no leaks. During this period I was thoroughly consumed with a serious family matter, so I shrugged it off, deciding to deal with it later. One night that same week I received a dream which involved a leak.

Upon awakening, I could not recall anything else about the dream except the image of dripping water. Although I found this unusual, I did not relate it to the soaked area of my carpet. I was too caught up in the urgent priorities of my life, and continued to ignore both the leak and the dream. Well, not completely. Each night when I arrived home, I checked the wet spot to see if it had vanished. To my dismay, it was spreading – yet I had no idea where it was coming from, and felt too overwhelmed to figure out what to do about it.

watercolor 1020509 1280To my astonishment, the next Monday morning I awoke with a vivid dream. The scenario was a theater, with a downward sloping floor. I was seated toward the back of this theater, and from my vantage point could see a long water leak seeping down through the ceiling. The drips were large, demonstrating that this leak was much more pronounced than in the first dream, and it was growing. Arising that morning, I understood that I must delay no longer in taking care of the ever widening wet space in my home. I assured my spirit guides that I got the message, and would call my insurance company that day. I drainage pipe had burst within the walls, and the water was seeping forth from there.

The physical signs of this burst drain were right in front of me, but due to extenuating circumstances, I did not take action as quickly as I might otherwise have. My guides stepped in and took matters into their own ethereal hands. They ensured that the “communiqué” was something I would pay attention to: dreams! The irony is that it took two dreams for the importance of this lesson to sink in. This experience presented a wonderful opportunity to remind myself and others of the compelling signs dreams contain.

A significant component of our dreams is their timing. The images presented are not random, nor are they coincidental. They most often relate to a question, problem or situation occurring in our lives at that moment. Our angels and guardians are dreams as a mystical way to contact us when they wish a direct connection. Signs in dreams are not always as explicit as those which I received pertaining to the leak. Quite often the signs are much more subtle, with a veiled symbolism. Understanding this concept offer a new avenue of communication with those precious spirits who watch over us from beyond.

The symbols may not be readily understood when first received. However, they will translate into a message to assist you. The knowledge that we are aided from beyond brings a measure of comfort and serenity during difficult times. When you receive a dream with unusual, strange or vivid symbolism – rather than being alarmed, begin searching for a deeper meaning. Think about what situations are taking place at that moment in your life; what questions you are mulling over. Pay attention to the signs which will lead to increased clarity, understanding and insight. There is something you need to know at that point in time, and your dreams hold surprising answers.

* Donna D’Amore uses clairvoyance and other psychic gifts to provide people with detailed dream interpratations. She is a writer and the author of various books including “Dreams – the Window into Your Soul” –

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