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hiking 1312226 960 720If you think on vacation around the world with a low budget, probably you will be interested in what we will be mention in this article. Well, first were the cultural exchange programs, where the student from somewhere visited a different country and stay in homes from an “adopted family”, sometimes in exchange for little home jobs and with the support of some language school.

These days are possible to know 10 countries in Europe sleeping and sometimes even eating free or almost free with the home exchange programs. The negotiation usually is made on the internet in sites that usually is the channel for you adventure beginning. You visit some companies that offer the service and choose the place that you planning to go. Thought email you start the contact for more information and some specific details as some care is necessary.

Ask for some photos of the location that shows the property outside and inside, and part of the neighhood (also ask for a detail description about the property). A good tip is to ask the owner to comment about the positive side and negative side of the property and location, as well tourist points that should be not far from the property. If possible try find out about references with individuals that have been in the same location.

Remember that this tip is only superficial and some important details that you consider mandatory can make a difference about a dream or a nightmare vocation. After this step is convenient to make a type of letter-agreement that include what the house and location have and offer – like bed, table, air, tv, good restaurants, lan houses, laundry, etc.

This kind of service and “trip style” request a bit of time for program it, so is good idea to start looking for your house at least 9 months before your vocation date. To access the companies sites to get the information is free, but if you are interested in offer your house to the program, receive traveler around the world and make some extra money, you need to pay usually from US$30 to $60. Check bellow some sites that offer this type of programs:
with almost 20,000 subscribers and over 4,000 that have made trips intermediated by the site, you can find homes in big tourist cities destinations as well small exotic villages. In Brazil there is over 180 couchsurfers.

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one of the best with many photos and detail descriptions. Many locations around the planet.

(International Home Exchange Networking) – With a site easy to surf, it offers thousand of properties, but unfortunately not many descriptions of the houses.

Already well known in many countries around the world,it has become an excellent option for people who do not want to stay in a hotel or even as a savings option (at the prices themselves or in being able to use the kitchen for example).

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